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The Tin Drum by Günter Grass

I had an intense reaction to this book. I friggin hated it. Or, rather, I loved to hate it, while I was reading it. It was an assignment in a Postmodern Lit. class, and everyone in the class liked the protagonist but me. I thought he was awful. I couldnt believe they enjoyed him, much less admitted to enjoying him. But some part of me must have understood.

...That was the point. This is a story I felt in my stomach. It was so full of perversion, of the grotesque, and I was 20 and a good girl and wanted so badly to not be drawn to it but there I was, ploughing through. Disgusted with so much along the way, but to my great surprise I found myself touched. I cried for a character I thought I was completely repelled by. I couldnt believe it. And at the end, when I reached the last page, when I finished and shut the book...I was grateful. Not to have finished it; I was grateful that I got to read it in the first place.

There are awful images and episodes that stick with me. It is not pleasant to revisit them. But you know what? With every bit of my smiley, idealistic being I say...Thank God. (Or, rather, Thank Grass.) There isnt always easy beauty, or recognizable beauty around us. Oftentimes the beauty is buried in dirt and hard-earned, and doesnt even look like anything lovely at all once you get to it. But you hold it in your hands and it will move you. And if youre lucky, it will change you.
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The Tin Drum (1979) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

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Oskar David Bennent , born to a German rural family in the s, Oskar David Bennent , born to a German rural family in the s, becomes disgusted with the behavior of adults and decides, on his third birthday, not to grow any more, preferring instead to beat his tin drum a birthday present and shatter glass with his shrill scream. As he "ages," little. Oskar continues to observe the hypocritical behavior of adults, beating out a constant tattoo on his tin drum to control the world around him. His small stature also makes for a very peculiar relationship with a teenage girl, Maria Katharina Thalbach , who is also mistress to a much older, and. Director Volker Schlondorff brilliantly translates Grass' allegorical treatment of the rise of Nazism and manages to suggest much of the novelist's complex.

Winner of the Best Foreign Film Oscar in , Volker Schl"ndorff's outrageously ambitious adaptation of Gunter Grass' labyrinthine satire on the rise of Fascism in pre-war Germany came a cropper with many contemporary critics for its overly literal approach. In fact, even from the amazing opening scenes of a vast Eastern European plain, Schlondorff mirrors the book's complexities while attempting to make the whole thing vaguely comprehensible to non-Grass buffs. Oskar the creepy-looking and downright excellent year-old Bennent - where is he now? Instead, he beats out a tattoo on his tin drum and screams piercingly in protest as the so-called adults prove themselves dull and avaricious, lazy and selfish. And as he gets older, he gives the adults the benefit of his wisdom: "Once there was a credulous people who believed in Santa Claus, but Santa Claus turned out to be the gas man. As the voice of reason in a mad read Nazi world, the small fellow falls in love with the thoroughly womanly Maria Katharina Thalbach , with whom the child, at one point, makes love. And it is bizarre scenes like this - another is the retrieval from a river of a horse's head used to catch eels, with one of the eels slithering from an eye-socket - that make The Tin Drum so deeply disturbing and powerful.

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The Tin Drum is a dance of death, a grotesque vision of lost childhood and the rise of Nazism. It is also a fantastic, barbarous film, in which shafts of black light suddenly pierce the suburban streets, the small shops, the monotony, and the daily round. This second, ever present dimension, explosive, haunting, rises as prosaic reality from the ground. Thursday, May 16 , p. Saturday, May 11 , p.

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