Flower growing out of hand

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flower growing out of hand

Flower Quotes (279 quotes)

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Published 20.06.2019

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When we think of things that could grow out of human skin, we rarely consider anything further than hair, fingernails, or toenails. Humans being mammals, we may go so far as to consider body hair as a type of fur, but certainly we would not even begin to think that humans would grow anything as foreign as plant material, feathers, or horns. However, after reading the following real-life examples, we may have to broaden the horizons of possibilities when it comes to what can be seen protruding from human skin. Victims of a hereditary disease known as epidermodysplasia verruciformis are subject to wart-like growths that, while not actual tree branches, bear a remarkable resemblance to tree bark and branches. In addition to the bark-like color and texture, these warts tend to grow larger than what would normally be considered wart-sized and are usually found on the hands or feet, although they can grow on any part of the skin.

1. Tree Branches

By Daily Mail Reporter. Doctors were left stunned after discovering a dandelion growing inside the ear canal of a month girl. The flower was found by medics in Beijing, China, after the child was taken to hospital crying and in pain by her worried mother. It had partly flowered and had grown to nearly 2cm long before being surgically removed, the Beijing Morning Post reported. Unusual discovery: Doctors in China were left stunned after finding a dandelion growing in the ear canal of a month-old child. The parents of the girl, called Ranran, said their daughter had been complaining about an earache for four months but both had dismissed her. But after the girl started scratching the offending ear, her mother had a look and saw 'something' inside.

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