Most popular wedding dates 2016

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most popular wedding dates 2016

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EPIC GUIDE: Choose a Wedding Date for 2016, 2017, or 2018

Wedding Just engaged? After popping the champagne and basking in engagement bliss, one of your first tasks as an engaged couple is to pick your wedding date. The date you choose can have some huge affects on the rest of your planning. Monday, February 29,

All of it is going to help you decide on a wedding date. First kiss? First date? The proposal? If you have a set wedding date in mind and are not willing to compromise on it, start contacting those venues and Find. Tour them and make notes of all the available dates they have open. You should be able to make your decision based on openings and pick the perfect date!

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Your first step of course is to pick some possible dates. So, we present our annual list of good, bad, and just plain weird dates for your wedding the list is also good for other party planning. Expect these to both be very popular wedding dates. If you or your fiance is interested in math or science, consider a "Pi Day" Wedding. Don't forget to swap out the wedding cake for a wedding "pie.

See the most popular dates to get married in here. Although there are seven days to choose from, it comes as no surprise that Saturday is by far the most popular day Aussie couples choose to get married. The below infographic displays both the most popular days to get married in Australia in , as well as the most popular dates to get married in Australia in The dates are scattered across mostly the autumn and spring months, with both March and October being especially popular. This makes sense as both spring and autumn were also rated the two most popular season to get married in our survey.

Picking a date for your wedding is no easy task. With two thirds of weddings happening during the core summer months and with Saturday by far the most popular day of the week to get married on, there's tough competition and a lot to consider when choosing the day to say "I do". The online wedding planner Bridebook has released a list of the most popular days of the year for and for weddings, so act fast if you want to secure your guests for one of these. Saturday 29 July. Saturday 5 August. Saturday 2 September. Saturday 26 August.

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