Half marathon training hal higdon intermediate

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half marathon training hal higdon intermediate

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon

With over 50% new material, this category killer is sure to go the distance

When the previous edition of Hal Higdons superb training guide appeared, Grete Waitz, 9-time winner of the New York City Marathon, cheered: Higdons years of marathoning experience come through in this practical book. Aspiring or veteran marathoners will benefit enormously from its proven guidance.

This new edition focuses on first marathoners, women runners, and those new to the sport; and as always, Higdon shows how to build up mileage and gives advice on running long, speedwork for distance runners, defensive running strategies, and planning for peak performance.
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Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan (WEEK 15)

What Should Your Pace be on Weekday Runs?

Getting ready for a goal race? My half and full marathon training plans have proved enormously popular with runners, more than half a million benefitting from my freely available plans in magazines, books and here online. Now you also can have my training programs in your pocket as an interactive mobile app. See the workout schedule. Get my running tips. Listen to my voice in your ear, motivating you to greater glories during workouts. All that plus many other features.

With the publication of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training, I added a new intermediate schedule. Previously, there was only one, titled “Intermediate.
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Previously, there was only one, titled simply "Intermediate. These two intermediate schedules exist in a parallel universe, the same level of difficulty, just slightly different approaches to training. They are part of the logical progression upward from Novice through Intermediate to Advanced for the half marathon distance. Half Intermediate 1 features steady running, long and short. Mondays are for cross-training serving as recovery from the weekend workouts. Tuesdays and Thursdays offer short and easy runs, bracketing the sorta-long runs on Wednesdays, the middle of the week.

For nearly all runners who have jobs to go to and families to take care of — which of course means nearly all runners — it can be next to impossible to adhere to a training plan that requires you to run multiple days each week, many weeks and months in a row. If you are looking to run your first half marathon, please consider our week training plan for beginning runners , which provides a more intensive training regimen. Note also that this training program is spread out over 16 weeks rather than 12 weeks, to give your muscles more time to get ready. The schedule above places the weekly long run on Saturday, followed by a usually much shorter quick run on Sunday. Also feel free to move around the mid-week runs as your schedule demands — just make sure you get in two runs of 30 to 60 minutes each in the middle of the week before your long run each weekend. Remember that there are a number of ways to structure a half marathon training plan. Running coaches Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway , who is well-known for his Run-Walk-Run approach to training, offer a number of training plans on their own websites that are excellent guides to getting ready for any race.

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  1. Intermediate 1 is an endurance-based program; Intermediate 2 is a speed-based With the publication of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training, I added a new.

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