Little bird little bird poem

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little bird little bird poem

Little Bird by Camilla Way

Three identities, no known name – and an obsessed pursuer from the past.

It took one second to snatch the child. One silent, unseen moment to pluck her from the world. In a click of a finger, a blink of an eye, she was gone. As if, like a bird, she had just flown away.

Kate never speaks about the past, and you would never know at first who she was. But, if you looked closely, you might see how she glances nervously over her shoulder, as if she were being followed. If you paid attention, you might hear how carefully she speaks. And if you were to search, you might find the old newspaper clippings she keeps hidden away: Kidnap Girl Like Wild animal, The Mysterious Disappearance of Little Bird.

But these are just fragments of a long buried past - another life, another girl. Secrets left unspoken, until now…
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Poem About Little Bird - Little Bird - Poem On Little Bird

I saw a bird behind a leaf I moved closer to take a look I saw both her eyes covered in grief I asked her if there was something i could do She looked up to the sky And asked if i could blow the storm away She said she was scared and too young to die I smiled and told her there was nothing wrong with the stormy day I told her to find the courage to fly above the storm And she shouldn't let a pile of cloud and a bolt of light pull her down I saw a smile on her face As she opened her wings and took her flight The little bird disappeared into the cloudy space.
Camilla Way

Once I saw a Little Bird

When the wind came I took to my wings I flew quite unsteadily at first But it was worth it. We were born to fly Up in the real-high sky, To sing with you, To dance in the stars And fly away with you, Over the seas and the mountains. We fly to the city that never sleeps, Over more mountains we travel. We swim to meet with our family, Back in Peru. One little bird, one wonderful bird, Is more than just a song. For storms have occurred—another can be heard. A hazardous, dangerous tropical storm.

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English for Students. More Info. Popular Pages Home. A poet is thus a maker and the poem something that is made or created. No single definition of poetry is possible but some characteristic features of poetry may be mentioned.

Once I saw a Little Bird :

Little child, little child, I will tell you true, God is love, God is love, this I sing to you. Little child, little child, I will tell you true, God is love, God is love, He clothed me and you. Little child, little child, I will tell you true, God is love, God is love, He bids us shine for you. Little child, little child, All things sing to you, God is love, God is love, you must love Him too. Babcock Maltbie D. Babcock b. Syracuse, NY, ; d.


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  1. Once I Saw a Little Bird. Nursery Rhyme. Once I saw a little bird. Come hop, hop, hop; So I cried, "Little bird, Will you stop, stop, stop?" And was going to the.

  2. Five little ducks. Went out one day,. Over the hill and far away. Mother duck said,. “Quack, quack, quack.” But only four little ducks came back. Four little ducks.

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