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Reformation Quotes (101 quotes)

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Published 15.06.2019

DAY IN CAMP: Devin Haney - SHOWTIME Boxing

What Would Happen if the President Went Stark Raving Mad?

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. It's chief interest is as a reminder of what sexual mores were like in the mid's. Even though I lived through the era, it is hard to remember how, for want of a better term, patriarchal it was. As for the political message: The story probably was powerful in its day - do we have the wherewithal to deal with a mad president? However, it is hard to treat the fictional President Hollenbach as mad -- on one of his good days, Trump makes Hollenbach seem the picture of sanity. What I take as the message now, is not that the book is prophetic, but that it shows how low we've fallen.

The book plunges into the quandary faced by Jim MacVeagh, a junior senator from Iowa when he realizes, based on private midnight conversations at the Maryland country retreat of the title, that the president, an otherwise heroic Democrat, has grown dangerously paranoid and hatched unhinged ideas about remaking the international order. The prospect of a commander-in-chief who has lost command of reality is terrifying to MacVeagh, and to a select group of high-level governmental officials who eventually are brought into the know. What should they do?
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Fletcher Knebel had been in the newspaper game for more than thirty years by the time he wrote Night Of Camp David in In this book, Knebel presents a classic Constitutional conundrum. The only problem is that in private the President seems to be coming apart at the seams. Everyone thinks the President is kidding when he says he wants to tap every phone in America. Even if it ends his career. His first thought is of his girlfriend, Rita, but not his wife. Knebel describes her breasts nine times in two hundred or so pages.

A couple of months ago, prominent political pundits began buzzing about a provocative book by a Washington journalist. It was a political thriller by Fletcher Knebel. Later this month, Vintage Books, a Penguin Random House imprint, is rereleasing the novel, as a paperback, e-book and audiobook. Went Stark Raving Mad? Interest in the novel soared. The presidential historian Michael Beschloss tweeted about it. During deranged monologues, the president — a liberal Democrat named Mark Hollenbach — rants about his perceived political enemies and imaginary plots against him.

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  1. Night of Camp David was not made into a film, perhaps because the book's basic premise – “Wouldn't it be scary if one of the fallible humans in.

  2. Night of Camp David is a novel by Fletcher Knebel, author of Seven Days in May. It spent 18 weeks on the bestseller list in In November,

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