Where was the movie a mountain between us filmed

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where was the movie a mountain between us filmed

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

When a blizzard strands them in Salt Lake City, two strangers agree to charter a plane together, hoping to return home; Ben Payne is a gifted surgeon returning from a conference, and Ashley Knox, a magazine writer, is en route to her wedding. But when unthinkable tragedy strikes, the pair find themselves stranded in Utahs most remote wilderness in the dead of winter, badly injured and miles from civilization. Without food or shelter, and only Bens mountain climbing gear to protect themselves, Ashley and Bens chances for survival look bleak, but their reliance on each other sparks an immediate connection, which soon evolves into something more.

Days in the mountains become weeks, as their hope for rescue dwindles. How will they make it out of the wilderness and if they do, how will this experience change them forever? Heart-wrenching and unputdownable, The Mountain Between Us will reaffirm your belief in the power of love to sustain us.
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The Mountain Between Us Behind the Scenes Ft. Kate Winslet & Idris Elba - 2017

Where Was 'The Mountain Between Us' Filmed? Kate Winslet & Idris Elba Left The Studio Behind

I did not hate The Mountain Between Us. Meet-Cute on a Mountain. It goes, at first, like this: Ben Idris Elba and Alex Kate Winslet , in late December, are both stuck in an airport in Idaho in which all flights have been grounded due to an impending storm. But then! The first of many twists!

Mills Goodloe , based on the novel of the same name by Charles Martin. After their flight is cancelled due to stormy weather, neurosurgeon Dr. Walter, who has not filed a flight plan, suffers a fatal stroke mid-flight, and the plane crashes on a mountaintop in the High Uintas Wilderness. Ben, Alex, and Walter's dog survive the crash with various injuries. Alex thinks Ben has a better chance of finding help if he leaves her behind, but Ben refuses. Stranded for days with dwindling supplies, Alex grows skeptical that they will be rescued, although Ben wants to wait for help by the plane's wreckage. After arguing, Alex starts a lone descent down the mountain.

The Mountain Between Us (2017)

The best moment in the new survival drama The Mountain Between Us is when a cellphone rings. Ben Idris Elba and Alex Kate Winslet are stranded up a mountain after a plane crash, her phone smashed and his without signal. But no. Ben and Alex are strangers who banded together to charter a tiny plane to take them to Denver. Alex is getting married shortly, while Ben is due to perform emergency surgery the different stakes of these appointments foreshadows a lot.

Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. We gaze into our crystal ball to look at seven Toronto International Film Festival titles to watch for come awards season. Watch the video. Title: The Mountain Between Us

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are, objectively, two of the most beautiful people ever committed to film. So when the two of them joined forces to star in The Mountain Between Us , there was only one thing to do: set the movie in one of the most beautiful locations possible — but also one of the scariest. Where The Mountain Between Us was filmed may be gorgeous, but it's also totally, utterly, terrifying. Out Oct. With no rescue on the way and only each other to depend on, they decide to tackle the mountains in an attempt to make their way to safety. In the world of CGI and green screens, it would have been easy for director Hany Abu-Assad to film the entire movie in a nice, warm studio.

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