Shut in movie 2016 plot

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shut in movie 2016 plot

The Shut-In by James Patterson

I know youre watching me.
Confined to a studio apartment, Tricia Celano watches the outside world through a flying drone. But when her high-tech toy records a vicious murder, shes determined to track down the killer--a killer who knows shes being watched.
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To focus energy on anything resembling pop culture is exceedingly difficult right now. But here we are.
James Patterson

Shut In review – Naomi Watts shines in a twisty, Hitchcockian thriller

Naomi Watts stars in this watchable suspense-horror from British screenwriter Christina Hodson, making her feature debut: this was in the Black List of best unproduced screenplays. Watts is Mary Portman, a caring and conscientious child psychologist who is close to her troubled teen stepson Stephen Charlie Heaton. After a terrible tragedy, she becomes crucified by feelings of loneliness, grief and a burdensome responsibility: she feels unable to leave the house and every day is an ordeal of anxiety. Then she comes across the case of Tom Jacob Tremblay , an unhappy hearing-impaired boy, whose situation affects her deeply and she begins to experience what appear to be delusions and night terrors, isolated in this remote house, which becomes inaccessible in the snowy weather. Oliver Platt plays her concerned doctor and friend. There is something entertainingly Hitchcockian and Freudian in this twisty chiller, with a touch of Dennis Potter somewhere in there, too.

By Rebecca Pahle Film November 11, Warning: I am going to spoil the fuck out of this bottom of the barrel horror abortion horrorbortion? It wastes some very talented performers on stupid, scare-less nonsense, and you should all have to be subjected to it if I was. First: The non-spoilery stuff. Then, one night, Tom disappears into a snow storm.

“Shut In” feels like an attempt to follow in the precise footsteps of M. Night Shyamalan, as made by people whose knowledge of his oeuvre is.
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Stephen is a troubled kid from Maine being sent to boarding school. While his father, Richard Portman, is driving him there, they get into a bad argument, and the car swerves into oncoming traffic, killing Richard and putting Stephen in a vegetative state. Six months later, Richard's second wife and Stephen's stepmother, Mary, is taking care of his every need. Mary is a psychologist who works from home with children and adolescents. She is upset to learn that one of her patients, a deaf child named Tom, is to be transferred to a school in Boston. Later, Mary discusses Stephen with her therapist, Dr.

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  1. Mary denies taking any medication and walks away without ending the call. Dr. Wilson sees Stephen's empty wheelchair, then sees.

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