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in the company of strangers movie

The Company of Strangers by Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson is an interesting writer and I did enjoy reading his Falcon quartet which showed his insightful writing style when it comes to coleur locale of his books. I always thought I had read this book as wel but it turns out I was mistaken.

A story about Spies in the neutral country of Portugal during WWII in which a young lady, our heroine, gets send to Lissabon to participate in the world of spying among each other with the Alies and the Germans, who could essentially do business with the allies from the opposition.
It is also the story of a member of the Wehrmacht who gets caught up in the office politics of the German Reich and finds himself out of his depth. He gets a way out after his brother dies in Russia and his father kills himself and ends up in Lissabon as second in command in what is in essence the spies being run. And at the same time he is a double for the British in stopping the Nazis.
When everything does not go to plan the German gets killed leaving behind the English Lass who then gets maneuvered into an uncertain situation and she ends up staying in Portugal.

The second part of the book is in the late sixties when our heroine has lost both her man and son to the Portugese Colonial wars and she comes home and finally takes her place in the world of spying again. Which turns out to be a family occupation. And once again she gets involved in the plans of other people and pays the price.

An excellent story in which we see the spy craft during WWII & during the cold war from a viewpoint that is female in a world that is played and ruled by men. It is not your 007-esque adventure but a story about real men and women doing the job that takes them away from the normalworld and the sacrifices they make for the safety of their country and people. A well written story that gives a clear vision of WWII Portugal and cold-war England/East-Germany where games are being played in which humans lives are being used as chess pieces in a deadly game.

Well worth your while and certainly one of the better Spy-novels I have read.
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In the Company of Strangers - Preview Trailer

The Company of Strangers is a Canadian film, released in It was directed by Cynthia Scott, and written by Scott, Sally Bochner, David Wilson and Gloria.
Robert Wilson

MOVIE REVIEW : ‘Strangers in Good Company'--Strange, Moving, Often Lovely

Read More. Brilliant format.. The way the human spirit endures despite the obstacles placed in each own's way.. ALL of them together.. It is pure magic! Enjoyed, peaceful, assumption of your human neighbors are many times different than you assume. Beautiful filming.

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The film depicts eight women on a bus tour, who are stranded at an isolated cottage when the bus breaks down. The writers wrote a basic story outline but allowed the eight women to improvise their dialogue. Each of the women, all but one of whom were senior citizens , told stories from her own life. A major theme of the film is how the elderly women each face aging and mortality in their own way, and find the courage together to persevere. Meigs published a book about her experiences making the film, In the Company of Strangers , in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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  1. Appearing in this way, in the opening shot of this strange, lovely, often moving film, they have the magical cachet of Gypsies or traveling players.

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