This day in new jerusalem

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this day in new jerusalem

New Jerusalem: The short life and terrible death of Christendoms most defiant Sect. by Paul Ham

IN FEBRUARY 1534 a radical religious sect whose disciples were being persecuted throughout Europe seized the city of Münster, in the German-speaking land of Westphalia. They were convinced that they were Gods Elect, specially chosen by the Almighty to be the first to ascend to Paradise on Judgement Day, as told in the Book of Revelation. And it would all happen here, in New Jerusalem (as they renamed the city), during Easter 1535, when God and Christ would descend and usher in the End Times. But the Melchiorites, as they were called after their founding prophet, would be well-prepared for Apocalypse, swiftly turning the city into a Christian theocracy- They threw out the Catholics and Lutherans, rebaptised their followers, destroyed all old religious icons, adopted a communist system of shared property, and imposed a new law of polygamy that compelled all women and girls whod reached puberty to marry. Because women outnumbered men about three times, many men had 3-5 wives. John of Leiden, who proclaimed himself king of New Jerusalem, had 16 wives - all according to Gods exhortation in Genesis to go forth and multiply. The backlash against the sect would be long and brutal. The Catholic and Lutheran powers were determined to make a terrible example of what they saw as a dangerous mob of crazed heretics. And so began the siege of Munster. For 18 months, the city was shut off from the world, periodically attacked and then slowly starved. And yet, for most of this time, the sect clung to their faith with astonishing resilience, even as they descended into hellish suffering. New Jerusalem- Judgement Day 1535 is a story of religious obsession and persecution, of noble ideals trampled to dust, of slavish sexual surrendera.all in the name of Christ. It tells of one of the first violent revolts of the Reformation, which, together with the Peasants War of 1524-25, helped to ignite 110 years of religious conflict that ended with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. The story holds a terrible fascination in our own time, on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, scarred again by the return of religious wars, of hatred and slaughter, all in the name of a god or a faith.
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This Day in New Jerusalem by: James Bessert

What to do with half day in Jerusalem new city - Jerusalem Forum

I have an half day plus that evening in jerusalem new city, any attractions? I am interested in people watching, market walking and sight-seeing. I have arranged one full day in the Old City, half day in Mt. Oliver, half day for Bethlehem tour and a half day to discover jerusalem underground still planing so I am looking for some new stuffs to fresh a little What day of the week will it be? People-watching and market walking in Mahaneh Yehuda are recommended for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

In Jewish mysticism , there are two Gardens of Eden and two Promised Lands: the heavenly invisible one and the earthly visible one that is a copy of the heavenly invisible one. Jerusalem surrendered without major bloodshed to Babylon in The entire city, including the First Temple , was burned. Israelite aristocrats were taken captive to Babylon. The Book of Ezekiel contains the first record of the New Jerusalem. Within Ezekiel , there is an extended and detailed description of the measurements of the Temple, its chambers, porticos, and walls. There were no defensive city walls until BCE.

I really appreciate how this song focuses us on the unique goal of our Christian life and work--the New Jerusalem. We're not waiting to go to a physical place--heaven. We're day by day becoming what we will be for eternity--the corporate mingling of divinity with humanity. We simply need to cooperate with the Lord, day by day--to live out and work out the New Jerusalem. We live in the reality of this holy city to become it. We work out such a consummation, dispensing the divine reality to others to build up the New Jerusalem.

This Day in New Jerusalem

Our Invitation: To all who are tired and need rest. To all who mourn and need comfort. To all who are lonely and need a friend. To all who sin and need a Savior. To all who seek to serve their fellow man. This Church opens wide her doors.

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