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justice league unlimited epilogue review

Batman Beyond: 10,000 Clowns by Adam Beechen

I’m Kevin Roberts and I have a very important question: can a bitch get a good Batman Beyond book!?

I’m about ready to give up on this character. Batman Beyond looks cool and a futuristic Batman series sounds like a roundhouse kick straight to the awesome but I haven’t read a single comic with this dude that’s halfway decent.

A cult of morons influenced by the Joker led by an uncharismatic King Joker decides to suicide bomb New Gotham for shits and gigs – Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond’s gotta do what he can. Cue pointless ‘sposions, oh the humanity, Batman defeats King Joker. Predictable, archetypical, boring stuff.

There’s a storyline featuring someone called Mad Stan who likes bombs and little dogs which was pointless and stupid, a subplot with some lady doing stuff on a computer that goes nowhere, Terry’s got girl problems (yawn), and a crap new vigilante character imaginatively called Vigilante who flies around like the tool he is. There’s also a Joe Chill issue that underlines the derivative nature of Batman Beyond – does every single aspect of this series have to be like the original Batman’s?! Why can’t some of it just be uniquely its own?

Bruce Wayne’s suffering from liver failure but I didn’t care. I just don’t think Bruce should even be alive in this series – he’s too old, he’s way too beat up, it’s crazy that he’d still be going at all. The best part of the book was Dick Grayson (who looks like he’s cosplaying as Nick Fury) – he should’ve been Terry’s mentor! He kicks butt, he looks awesome, he’s great. It’s a shame Tim Drake turned into such a pussy when he got older though.

Norm Breyfogle’s art is very blah, Adam Beechen’s writing is ordinary and the story was barely entertaining. 10,000 clowns but a good comic ain’t one!
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Batman Beyond's Epilogue: The Worst Finale for the Best Show


The show ultimately got another year on television, but Dwayne McDuffie and Bruce Timm constructed Epilogue so that it would serve as something of a coda to the entire animated DC universe, stemming as far back as On Leather Wings. It actually works almost perfectly, bringing everything a full circle. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited consciously pushed Batman to the periphery, which made a bit of sense. After all, the character had anchored two shows already. However, Epilogue moves Batman back to the centre, re-establishing Bruce as the core of the animated DC universe and giving him a mostly happy ending a few years before The Dark Knight Rises would do the same thing. Epilogue actually does work well as a book-end for the DCAU, to the point where the entire season that followed feels like a bit of after-word on a fictional universe that ran for a decade-and-a-half. There are two rather nice action sequences thrown in — a greyed out Justice-League-of-the-distant-future fight scene and a full-colour Justice-League-of-the-not-so-distant-future confrontation — but they serve to break up a show that consists mainly of conversations between characters.

When it comes to superhero cartoons on television, Batman: The Animated Series changed the game. There were certainly cartoons already starring superhero characters, but none had been executed with the level of care and craft exhibited on a regular basis by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and the rest of the B:TAS production staff. To do this, they incorporate elements of a Batman Beyond direct-to-video story Timm and Glen Murakami had plotted but never produced after the Return Of The Joker fiasco, replacing Selina Kyle with Amanda Waller but keeping the basic idea that Bruce Wayne was cloned so that the world would always have a Batman. It makes far more sense to cast Amanda Waller in the mad scientist role over Selina Kyle, who never did very much in B:TAS , and Timm and McDuffie tie the story to the larger Cadmus arc to make it a fitting end to the season, even if it spotlights Batman instead of the Justice League. Pounder the opportunity to show the flexibility of her voice.

The World's Finest Presents. Screen Grabs Pans. Due to the epic-ness of this episode, there is both a review and Commentary. Review: Unlike the majority of JLU, the action takes a backseat to the story. The episode follows Terry, some ten years after Batman Beyond. In essence, Terry is on a journey to fully embrace the mantle of Batman and this is his final step towards doing so. Personally, that in and of itself makes me enjoy it so much more.

The writers decided to end the DCAU where it all started. The sole purpose of this experiment: to create a new Batman. Pounder was.
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Welcome back to The Exact Moment When, our irregular listing of a moment where something changed—for the better or the worse. Terry sees that the life of a Batman is a life of tragedy and despair. When Ace, a psychically powered member of the Royal Flush Gang, develops a brain tumor, her reality-altering abilities threaten to destroy an entire city. Waller tasks Batman with killing Ace to save hundreds of thousands of lives, but instead Batman confronts Ace alone, quietly listens to her grieve for her short life, and offers his hand to stay with her in her final hours, peacefully resolving the situation. Batman is a character steeped in death, loss, and darkness, and while this sets him apart from other heroes in some ways, it also this means he understands death, loss and darkness more than the others do, too. But this JLU episode was the perfect culmination of so many years of this specific incarnation of Batman, and by giving this Bruce Wayne and his son a happy ending, it explored the real reason why there should always be a Batman. And it closed the book on one of the most definitive takes on the Dark Knight that there has ever been.

Post a Comment. And honestly still works. It's not the first cartoon, nor the first good cartoon, but it's the first one that really, truly respects both the source material and the audience's intelligence, being meant as entertainment not to appeal to children of the ages below five, but to a broader audience. The voice-acting and dialogue wasn't asinine, the character writing were actually amazing, the action scenes were great, and while it doesn't steep to the dark themes of modern comics it's still very much content on tackling more mature issues. It spawned many, many other stories. Superman: The Animated Series. Batman Beyond.

Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Hide Spoilers. In a piece dominated by CCH Pounder's narration, this "closure" episode marks a transition for the characters seen for the most part in the "Batman:Beyond" universe. Terry has a big question to ask the former head of Project Cadmus, the believed anti-superhero agency.

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