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whatever happened to ben johnson

Seoul to Soul by Ben Johnson Jr.

Its a weird book. I gave it two stars, instead of one, because it was interesting to read Bens side of the story of the Seoul 100m. But, there was some good stuff that I wanted to hear about that didnt make the cut. For instance....EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED AFTER SEOUL!!! :-) Wheres the explanation for why he didnt get back to being a superstar in the 100m when he claimed he could do it without drugs? What happened in the 1992 Olympics when he didnt make the final? What about his subsequent drug violations??? How about that time he raced a horse?? Remember that??? The endorsement of the energy drink Cheetah?? THOSE THINGS are definitely GOLD! Nyuk, nyuk.

Although he admits that he had been on steroids for years before Seoul it is interesting that he actually got caught at the Olympics. I mean, he passed tons of drug tests before that. I think his team must have had it down pat as far as getting around these things. Yet, he was caught there, when none of the other sprinters were. Ben suggests sabotage and you kind of think he might be right. It doesnt make a lot of sense otherwise.

Anyway, the reason this book gets knocked down to 2 stars (and is close to a 1 or 0) is the ridiculousness that is Bryan Farnum. He is Ben Johnsons co-author of the book. Also, he can speak to God about anything in the world and give you the REAL TRUTH behind whatever you may ask of him. Yeah. Sure. Thats always handy. So, frequently throughout the book, Ben will ask him questions about whatever and Farnum will give his God-provided answers. Oh boy. The one plus about all this, is that theyve italicized all of Farnum/Gods answers, so when you see that coming, just skip over it and get back to Bens narrative. Seriously, it is that easy. It also makes for a much quicker read.

On the other hand, an even quicker way to get through this book would be to skip it entirely and just read The Dirtiest Race in History...so good. But, like I said initially, this is Bens side of the story in its entirety (up to Seoul), so if you want that, then go for it.

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Ben Johnson Wins Supporting Actor: 1972 Oscars

In a Sportsnet exclusive minute special, Stephen Brunt sits down with Ben Johnson to discuss the 25th anniversary of the race that lifted and shocked Canadians. Stephen Brunt sits down with Ben Johnson to reminisce about winning the Olympic Gold Medal in World Record time, and all the sadness and emotion of it all being taken away. The metre final at Seoul remains one of the most controversial Olympic events of our time.
Ben Johnson Jr.

Seoul Olympics 100m race was fixed: Ben Johnson

Stephen Brunt sat down with Ben Johnson, who 30 years ago won the gold in the m dash in the Olympics only to have the medal taken from him due to a positive drug test. The World Anti-Doping Administration welcomes Russia back into the global sports fold — conditionally, following something more than a wrist slap, but also after the country had carried out the most extensive, state-sponsored doping program since the demise of the former East Germany. And in Canada, as happens every time a milestone is reached, the country paused to consider one of the most ecstatic and traumatic moments of its modern history, when Ben Johnson crossed the line first in Seoul, and then was caught cheating. Is it any wonder that the latter resonates a bit differently now? Is it any wonder that those too young to have directly experienced what happened 30 years ago must wonder what all the fuss was about? Doping works. The rewards are tangible.

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Titans clashed on the track, with Ben Johnson emerging as the first person to breach the 9. Two days later, the Canadian speed demon tested positive for banned steroid stanozolol and was stripped of his gold medal. It was a set-up, I know that from Day 1. Also, no Canadian official was allowed to see the laboratory report. I have no regrets. Lewis was also accused of failing three drugs tests prior to the Games but was cleared by the United States Olympic Committee. Justin Gatlin is another US athlete, who made a return to the track after serving doping bans, and even won the London World Championships m gold medal.

Fate placed him in the film business in , when he delivered horses to Howard Hughes… In , when Ben Johnson walked to the stage to accept an Academy Award for best supporting actor in The Last Picture Show, he carried with him a fairly predictable though unfinished speech which would at least have saved him the trouble of having to think in front of so many people. Johnson, a cowboy who had performed in numerous western movies filmed in Arizona, was in real life a lot like the people he usually portrayed, not particularly at ease in a big crowd. Hollywood critics later said Johnson stole the show that night by putting away his unfinished speech. Just a little quip, of course, but there are many who would agree in an instant. Johnson won the Oscar for his role as Sam the Lion, the philosophical owner of a pool hall in a dreary Texas town.

Some Hollywood actors are so naturally saddle-happy that it's odd to see them wearing a suit. Ben Johnson was pre-eminent among these; he had been a cowboy and all but a few of his films were westerns. One that wasn't was The Last Picture Show , in which he was Sam the Lion, who ran the town's movie house, its pool hall, garage and cafe. It was a tank town deep in the heart of Texas in the early s, ironically enough allowing Johnson to wear the cowboy duds of that era. He brought to the role his customary understated benevolence, a quality needed as he advised the young bloods - Jeff Bridges, Timothy Bottoms - on that prime concern of all movie youth, sex.

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