Sometimes when you least expect it love happens

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sometimes when you least expect it love happens

Quote by David Archuleta: “Sometimes when you least expect it, the tables ...”

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Published 31.05.2019

Meeting Your Soul Mate Love Happens When You Least Expect It

Love Will Happen When You Least Expect It

I feel like I was always a person who looked for love in all the wrong places. I didn't necessarily want a boyfriend, but I wanted someone to want me I guess. I looked for it everywhere. Unfortunately, I didn't find true love until I stopped looking all together. I found the love of my life on Tinder, on Spring Break, in probably the most unlikely way. Nowadays we do this "talking" thing where you act like you're together and do "couple things," but you aren't actually anything more than glorified friends. This is ridiculous.

Have you noticed that good things happen in your life unexpectedly? Great benefits are gained when you have stopped striving toward a goal, and you are no longer thinking about something that you put great effort into attempting to achieve previously. Your experience is not unusual since good things often come at times when people have forgotten about the need to obtain the things they want. Those aha moments that you experience also materialize when you are busily engaged in an unrelated activity. You might be making your bed or walking your dog when you suddenly know how to solve a problem that has been on your mind in the past. At such a time, having the answer to your dilemma at your fingertips feels surprising, since you have been engrossed in a separate task and had not given a thought to the issue you have just solved. In a similar manner, writers and artists often find that they form their greatest ideas when they are daydreaming.

It happens when you least expect it. But I was always expecting it. And it still happened for me. I met my husband on the street. I had imagined that the right guy would just walk through the doors one day.

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AsianD8 - Sometimes LOVE happens when you least expect it...

Post a Comment. You may be deceived by my looks, by the way I the act, by the way I speak. I go a lot deeper than what you think. I am more to what meets the eye. Please don't be deceived by me Monday, April 25, Sometimes when you least expect it Love Happens.

Too many people are preoccupied with finding the ideal partner. However, the most successful relationships are ones that have happened out of chance. It is much more beneficial to concern yourself with improving your character. Finding a counterpart is not going to bring you the kind of happiness your self-worth will. Just go out and enjoy yourself. Go out and have fun with your friends.

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