You could be loved remix

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you could be loved remix

Remix by Non Pratt

Stories like this make me wish I had a best friend, one that knows me better than I know myself, that I can communicate with in just a look and know will dislike anyone I dislike out of loyalty.

Kaz and Ruby have that kind of friendship, and when they attend Remix Festival for a weekend of fun after two messy breakups their friendship is tested to the limit.

For the most part its totally believeable and the emotions are raw. Theres a couple of the more far fetched twists, but overall this is a really fun read, especially during festival season!
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Published 30.05.2019

Bob Marley - Could You be Loved (DJ Temper Remix)

The 10 Best Remixes of Bob Marley Songs That Aren't on "Legend Remixed"

All the music and songs from the Love Island soundtrack to add to your playlists It's not summer without a Love Island soundtrack and Love Island is filled with a playlist of iconic songs and music. Every year Love Island wows us with a new set of contestants. Some are hilarious, some are loveable and some we wouldn't go near with a barge pole. Love Island has started off with a record 12 contestants. Who will win?

Hey Friends! This is my new Remix for this summer!!! Mr BOB MARLEY with his huge Tune Could you be Loved! this tune is out too on.
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When there’s infidelity, secrets kept can hurt more than the actual cheating.

Have you turned on the radio recently and heard the lilting lyrics sung by an Australian man bemoaning a sad breakup? It now enjoys the twenty-fifth spot on the Hot Billboard chart. The song, detailing a guy friend helping another guy friend with advice on how to get over a bad breakup seems to be striking a chord with listeners. I think this is in part because the song hits a number of insightful notes on the topic of broken relationships. Sometimes we need to just put the phone away. Stop looking at the social-media feed, stop looking through old photos, and stop re-listening to messages.


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