I love it when it rains

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i love it when it rains

Lisa De Jong Quotes (Author of When It Rains) (page 3 of 4)

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Published 29.05.2019

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I love it when it rains...

While the impending "Weather Bomb" has most scurrying for shelter, Welsh newcomers Trampolene will be out there embracing the rain part at least. People used to say to me that Swansea was the wettest city in Europe, and that's why I love the rain," explains the band's Jack Jones, who will though be hoping things clear up by New Year's Eve when they support Carl Barat at the Macbeth in London. Of waterlogged pitches on a Saturday, and of those times I stood with my friends, sheltering from the rain at bus stops. These songs fill my head with the feeling of rain both real and metaphorical, I hope they do for you too. Let the rain commence. His voice just blows me away. I found out recently, from a friend, that Scott got really nervous before he performed.

Travis frontman Fran Healy penned this song on holiday in Israel from his native Glasgow, where he expected some sun, sun, sun. Instead, it chucked it down for two days and the inspiration behind their biggest song was born. Only someone like Prince can make rain sound as incredible and awe-inspiring as he did on this classic. When lyrical genius Dylan released the song in , everyone thought it was just a metaphor for a nuclear fall out. No, us neither. The Oscar winning Bacharach song is well known now, but before it featured in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid it was passed around to Ray Stevens and Bob Dylan, both of whom declined the chance to record it.

P.S. I Love You

Neat Topic Neat Sub. Share a story, ask a question, or start a conversation about almost anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process. Just Chatting I love when it rains. Hearing the sky slightly rumble, and watching the raindrops hit the ground outside is so relaxing to me. I love the sound of it hitting the roof of the house before I sleep; the sound puts me right to sleep.

Thus, my image of it literally raining quotes. For this assignment I utilized the Pixlr online editor. As I mentioned in the previous assignment post , I found it more user friendly than Photoshop, but had the same re-sizing issue. I suppose it made sense for the quotes to be partial in each of the rain drops, as we can imagine them wrapping around the rain drop, but I would have liked to figure out how to re-size. Another issue I had with the online tool was the lack of accuracy in the eraser tool. In using the eraser tool in Pixlr, I had a hard time getting a sharp edge.

Our relationship was rocky, something was missing. We had spent it apart. She even admitted that I flinched one time she touched me. I adored her, but my heart was somewhere else, with someone else. I needed to end things, but I was too much of a coward to rip off the band-aid. I wanted her to do it. I wanted her to see me for what I was — unfit for her.

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