I ll never regret loving you

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i ll never regret loving you

We Are the Ants Quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson

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Published 29.05.2019

I'll Never Regret (Loving You)

I’ll Never Regret Loving With All Of Me

Thank you for the nights where we told each other the most earth-shattering secrets, the ones we were too afraid to even say aloud. When you held my gaze that was it; you were mine and I was yours. Thank you for those long, summer nights with your hand in mine, excitedly passing by places in the city where we promised we would take each other. The plans we made for a future that was filled with adventure, all the details written in the words we held onto. Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable enough to go days without make up, or shaving. You witnessed my walls come crashing down, and you not only accepted this, but embraced it.

It just took me a long time to realize that we were just not really meant to be together. We both tried but time and distance were never on our side. Know that it was difficult to slowly let you go but I do not regret you. When I look back now, I realize how we never really had a closure. There were a lot of things unsaid. But I wish you would see right through me and feel my bones breaking inside my skin it felt like I would collapse.

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Japan is a country with centuries of deep culture and thoughtful philosophy to draw inspirational…. Published in Emotions. Your email address will not be published. I have never regretted my silence. As for my speech, I have regretted it over and over again.

See, to me, love is a risk. And when you take a risk, you know full well that it might not go your way. Yet in that initial moment, you acknowledge the risks and take a step anyways. You put aside fear and decide, willingly, to trust. As the days continue, you fight to make things work.

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