Male psychology in love relationships

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male psychology in love relationships

Popular Psychology Relationships Books

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Published 25.05.2019

Body Language Men Use To Show Love

Men are often reluctant to talk about their needs in intimate relationships. We need frequent reassurance about ourselves, our career paths, our efficacy as partners, our sexual prowess , and our attractiveness among other things. I have countless male clients telling me every month that their partners rarely let them know what they like about them.
John M. Gottman

11 Interesting Things About Men’s Brains When They're In Love

A man falls in love with you because he knows he can be himself around you. He falls in love with you because he feels SAFE expressing his innermost, private feelings with you. He feels this way because he knows that you can handle your feelings. He can sense that. And because he senses that at the most unconscious level, he starts to long for your company, for your touch, for your affection. He may not even know why he feels this way. Once a man feels safe around you, he starts to long for your company, for your touch, and for your affection.

By Mary Elizabeth Dean. Men and women are historically completely different creatures. This is true in development, behavior, and of course, love. This is the process of how men fall in love. Psychology offers a detailed description of why men act the way they do in new relationships. When a woman falls in love with a man, it is often a deep and intimate attraction that they feel. Some women may look for attractiveness in a partner, but it is true also that many women can see beneath the outer shell of a man and fall in love with their personality and quirks.

American Dating Society. Getting a guy to fall in love with you is not always as easy as it sounds. However, the key to getting a man to fall in love with you comes down to two things. Number one, being able to trigger the emotions that make him feel love, fascination and connection. And number two, being able to communicate with a guy in a way that speaks directly to the more primitive, desire-driven part of his brain as a relationship coach, Amy North demonstrates in this video here. Understanding the actual process of falling in love will also help you to be able to trigger this process in another person.

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Whether you want to improve your career, stabilise your love life or just have more control in social situations, having a better understanding of men is going to help with all these things. Although there is no silver bullet when it comes to understanding men there are definite principles that I hope will help you reconsider your approach to the men around you. The most fascinating difference between the way men and women think can be seen in a study I read about recently. When asked which they would prefer; their partner to have sex with someone else as a one off , or fall in love with someone else, overwhelmingly men said they would prefer their girlfriend to fall in love with someone else, whereas women choose the sex option. There is no better starting point than this in your quest to understand men.

I get hundreds of emails a day from women asking me about male psychology in relationships and dating. The psychology of women when it comes to relationships and dating is complicated and confuses most women… from meeting, to starting a connection, falling in love, to staying in love. I will demystify men and make men EASY to interact with. But I ask that you keep an open mind as you read. You will learn the basics of psychology — what drives men, how they start falling in love, how to make them stay, and how to control your interactions with a man.

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