How to get a baby to love you

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how to get a baby to love you

Baby Love (Baby, #2) by Andrea Smith

Baby Love is the sequel to Maybe Baby and follows the twists and turns in the lives of the handsome young attorney Trey Sinclair and his soon to be wife, Tylar Preston.

The second volume in this series finds Trey and Tylar the proud parents of a baby girl; they are in love and engaged to be married. Soon after the wedding bells chime, Tylar discovers that her nightmarish past will continue to haunt and threaten her new found happiness with her family. She fears for the safety of her baby and the sanity of herself.

There will be many surprises in store not only for Trey and Tylar; but for Gina and Tristan as well. The love and intimacy shared between husband and wife as they continue down their passionate path of discovery will bond them ever closer.
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8-week-old baby says "I love you" to mom

By Colleen Fisher Tully Oct 23, Photo: Stocksy.
Andrea Smith

10 Signs Baby Likes You

Newborns as well as older babies will even try to copy your facial expressions. Did you know that babies can hear sounds as early as 20 weeks into pregnancy? Yup, even before birth, your voice is a comfortable, soothing sound for your child, and baby would rather hear you than anyone else on the planet. Numerous research studies have shown that babies can identify their mothers by smell alone. In one study, newborns were presented breast pads that had been saturated with human milk. And your smell—unlike the smell of other nice but unfamiliar women—is particularly comforting to baby. You have a unique ability to comfort baby.

Arrival of a new member in the household is always a celebration of joy. Babies are god-send and everyone wants to see them happy. They look adorable especially when you see them giggle or burst out into peels of laughter. It is almost equally disheartening to see a baby sad or upset. And when that happens, it is up to us adults, to make it better.

The science behind love and mother-infant bonding

How do you know your baby loves you back? Let's be real. Babies this little are not going to give you the kind of feedback you might desperately wish for after that grueling labor and those sleepless nights. Partly, your little one's just following her nose: In one study, researchers put a nursing newborn between two breast pads, one belonging to her mother. The scent of Mom's milk was enough to get the baby to turn toward that pad. Become the foremost expert on what your baby's various cries mean.

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