How to love god more deeply

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how to love god more deeply

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: *Live More Fully *Love More Deeply *Experience Gods Best for You by Lysa TerKeurst

Your job is obedience. Gods job is everything else.

If youve ever found yourself wondering...What is Gods plan for my life? or Can He really use me? youre not alone. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through those same questions. But shes also learned that we were absolutely created to participate in Gods divine activity and experience His rich blessings. We just have to say yes to Him!

Through her own struggles, doubts, and honest vulnerability, Lysa will equip you to:

Reignite your passion for the Lord by discovering the incredible opportunities Hes already placed in front of you and the courage to say yes.
Know what God is speaking personally to you with practical ways to listen for His voice.
Overcome the fear that youre not doing the Christian life right by learning its about perfect surrender, not perfect performance.
Apply key teachings to your own situation today with helpful study questions and reflection prompts.
Get ready for a journey of joy and purpose—one that will radically bless you beyond what you can ask or imagine!
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Knowing God Personally - Francis Chan 2017

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In other words, we each should be committed to our relationship with Christ as our first priority. We each should be committed to a life of devotion and study of God. Then, after we are filled up to the overflow with enough Jesus for ourselves and some left over to give away, we go do whatever it is we are called to do — practice law, fix plumbing, sell, manage, mow lawns, drive a truck, perform accounting or whatever. Beginning a work day without some time for reflection and planning leads to a day of wasted motion and fatigue. In the same way, if we do not spend time praying through our concerns and listening for the voice of God in Scripture, throughout that day we will not enjoy the guidance that comes from standing regularly in the presence of our Maker. I had to chuckle. For twenty three years I have loved Patsy the way I want to be loved.

As an author and filmmaker, I spend lots of time asking people questions. So how do we return to loving God as a Person as opposed to being followers of a dry and dusty religion? Here are five steps that have worked for me:. Get on the other side of the cross. The cross is not the end of our experience with God but the beginning. Instead of groveling at its foot, get over yourself and your failures , embrace Christ's full forgiveness, and move forward.

If we want to love God more deeply, we must change our appetite, and we do that by feeding our spirit the Word of God, praying more, giving.
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How to fall in love with God is a topic either not many have thought of or many have openly discussed. How do you fall in love with God? Is there such a thing? The good news is, it is a thing! There are many ways on how to fall in love with God and I pray these 7 suggestions will be just the beginning on how to experience God personally. Have you ever looked at someone at your church with misdirected jealousy because of his or her relationship with God? Have you ever felt like this?

How can a Christ-follower fall even more deeply in love with God? Here are four ways I suggest that we can, and maybe you can add another. Did you know that the only freewill offering in the Old Testament that was voluntary was that of thanksgiving to God Lev. It makes sense. Why would God command an offering of thanksgiving? Would we feel the same if we were commanded to give thanks to God and not doing so voluntarily, out of a thankful heart?

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  1. Are you loving God the way He wants to be loved? I fear we have not thought deeply enough about how He wants us to love Him. How does.

  2. Hymn I Want to Love God More Deeply I God's love melts my heart, and cleans my wrong conceptions. I understand His heart, His powerful l.

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