Trying to love someone who doesn t love you

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trying to love someone who doesn t love you

Quote by Cassandra Clare: “Its all right to love someone who doesnt love...”

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Published 22.05.2019

Iyanla's Fixins : How to Handle When Someone You Love Doesn't Love You Back.

What Happens When You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back, According To Experts

It occurred to me the other day that there might be people in this world who have never known unrequited love, have never fallen for someone who didn't fall too. I know it's rarer than a solar eclipse, but it seems likely that someone must have managed it; people who married their high school sweetheart, who got it right on the first try, who were seemingly born with enough innate confidence to walk right up to the object of their affection and say, "I think you're great, would you like to go on a date sometime" and whose confidence was rewarded with a resolute, "Absolutely, I'd love to" and a happily ever after. The rest of us would be inclined to murder a couple like this if we ever came across them, but I maintain that they are the ones who are missing out. Everyone should fall for someone who doesn't love them back at least once. People who don't love you can be found in many places.


Show less - One of the most heartbreaking things in the world is unrequited love. In fact, it might even be more painful than losing someone you love , because at least in those cases you had a chance to be loved in return at one point.

I know how heart wrenching it is, when you have fallen in love with someone and they do not feel or realize your love. For a brief moment of time you feel as if it is the end of your world. Research has even prove that rejection from a loved one triggers the pain-stimulating neurons in brain which is only activated due to physical pain. Even though you cannot clearly control what you feel, youcan always learn from your mistakes. This is the heartbreaking question girls scroll while living with a lifeless relation.

I think we can all agree that unrequited love is one of the worst feelings imaginable. The pain of becoming attached to someone in a way that isn't mutual can be so unbelievably traumatizing. When you love someone who doesn't love you back , it can take a long time to accept that it's virtually impossible for things to work out. It can be so easy to convince ourselves that their feelings could change in the future, but more often than not this isn't what ends up happening. This false hope can lead to a vicious cycle of pain, frustration, and disappointment — a far cry from what a balanced and healthy relationship should be. Not only is putting time and effort into a person who doesn't love you unfair, it can also be the major obstacle standing in the way of finding true love with someone who is capable of loving you. Unfortunately, we can't always control who we fall in love with, which is why it's so important to recognize when an attachment isn't mutual.


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  1. It's natural to feel sad, but if you don't try to get focused on your life again, you'll just keep thinking about and loving that other person.

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