I don t listen to music

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i don t listen to music

Writers Advice and Feedback Group - Ask questions about writing: What music do you listen to when you write? Showing 1-8 of 8

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Published 21.05.2019

Stop Listening To Music (Stephen Taylor)

Why I don't listen to music anymore

People talk all the time about music therapy. How music helped them through tough times. How love songs or break up songs gave them peace. That isn't the case for me. For me, music is a painful trigger for my depression. My sister and I were driving together not long ago and she asked me what music I have been listening to.

I don't dislike music, but I don't listen to it at all. I don't have any bands or songs that I keep track of. If I choose to listen to something its mostly random and I never remember what it is afterwards. My friends all have their music and I don't know any of them. It makes me feel sort of left out in a way. If you listen to literally no music at all, the no, no it isn't normal.

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Disliking music is sometimes a tough position to occupy. For most of us, the decision to dislike certain sounds often boils down to taste, composition, how you align yourself, and whether or not the people making it look like a bunch of dicks. For some people though, music is a much more unconditional beast, and there are rare cases out there who find it practically impossible to like any music at all. These people are identified as being musically anhedonic. Anhedonia is the medical term assigned to someone who is incapable of deriving pleasure from things that most people find enjoyable. Those affected showed no changes during the music, however they were able to identify what they thought they should be feeling.

And you always answer with something horribly lame, like: "All sorts! A bit of everything! Just general music! It doesn't bother you when there's music playing in the background, but the thought of sitting down and listening to a whole album is very strange to you. You know that not committing to an answer makes you look desperately uncool, but there's nothing you can do about it. But you must remember that even though you don't mind sitting in silence, other people might find a silent house very creepy. Tabatha Leggett.

Everybody loves music, right? Musical anhedonics, however, show no such physiological change to music. A recent study , published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , took those findings a step further by studying neural responses to music. As part of the study, 45 students from the University of Barcelona where most of the study authors are based were asked to fill out a questionnaire that helped determine their sensitivity to musical reward. The researchers then had them listen to music while measuring their brain activity with an fMRI machine.

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  1. Mar 10, For those who experience “musical anhedonia,” listening to a song is halfway between boring and distracting—and their brain activity reflects.

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