Hulk vs superman part 1 2 3 4

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hulk vs superman part 1 2 3 4

Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk by Len Wein

Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk is a stupendous Len Wein 1982 offering that should delight comic fans and art critics alike. With its learned references, classic artwork, and deft dialogue this is truly a hidden gem that has retained its radiance some 30 (almost 40!) years later. I could never have imagined such an atypical dyad ensconced within two covers would be such an enjoyable read.

Intentionally or not, theres some definite Freudian stuff going on here. With Batman representing Ego (The rational), the Hulk - Id (The irrational), and Bruce Banner - Super-Ego (The third eyes middle-man), Im sure that coke fueled Viennese would have had a field day with this. And Im definitely sure that this adds an intriguing psychological dimension not usually seen in comics. All the more interesting is that Banner himself is a feeble Super-Ego at best, perhaps depicting the authors opinion on us hairless apes and our feeble attempts to control our reptilian hind-brains. Dismal or not, the addition of the Joker as well asks a lot of questions about this trifurcated model of human nature.

As great as the psychological questions this comic asks on a not-so-explicit level, so too are equally great and explicit interpolations of great art. I would never have expected to have seen such stellar reduplications of Dali (The ever famous, Persistence of Memory) and Picasso (Guernica) in such an otherwise plebeian work of art as a comic. The learned references are great, the classic depictions of the characters are great, and some words have to be definitely (d/r)eserved for the great paneling. In true comic book fashion, the omnipresent quadrilateral ensconces most of the action however, Len Wein made some great choices depicting numerous scenes within totally open fields unimpeded by the box, as it were. These freedoms of movement added a lot of fluidity to the story and really added another solid dosage of drama in certain scenes.

Overall I was very impressed with this cross-over. The sands of time have done little to detract from its veneer and given the more often than not deplorable state of comics lately, has almost served as a buffing. As above, the facade remains well - preserved at worst, and as below the currents that support it are intriguing. Intentional or not, the psychological underlays are obvious, and add a very thoughtful dimension to an otherwise ostensibly puerile art-form.

Two well preserved thumbs up

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Superman vs Hulk - The Fight (Part 4)

DC vs. Marvel Comics issues 2—3 titled Marvel Comics vs. Two godly Brothers who personify the DC and Marvel Universes become aware of the other's existence, and challenge one another to a series of duels involving each universe's respective superheroes. The losing universe would cease to exist. The story had an "out of universe" component in that the outcomes of the primary battles were determined by the readers' votes. Numerous smaller, story-driven skirmishes occur throughout the series, not counted with the primary duels meant to determine the outcome between the Brothers.

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Scenario: Hulk is being controlled by lex luthor to destroy metropolis. My thoughts: this could go either way but i think that superman could take out hulk with the speed blitz but if hulk goes worldbreaker he would destroy superman. I think Hulk vs Superman would be a really good fight. I guess if Hulk gets angry enough to a degree he could hurt Superman, but thats if Hulk could catch Superman. Superman can stay in mid air and hit Hulk with heat vision and super speed.

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