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rich dad poor dad target

Books similar to Rich Dads Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money

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Published 18.05.2019

10 Best Ideas - Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki - Book Summary

Rich Dad Broke Dad?

Kiyosaki has kept the answer to this question a closely guarded secret since he first published his book Rich Dad Poor Dad in Now, over 20 years later, that book is the best selling personal finance book of all time and its main character, Rich Dad, has emerged as one of the most influential financial advisers in history, changing the way tens of millions of people look at the subject of money. Since it was published, Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated into 51 languages. It is now available in countries with over 27 million copies sold worldwide. Disclosure: my posts may contain affiliate links. Thank you! Click here to claim your free audiobook on Amazon with Audible trial!

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The bankruptcy filing put Wyoming lawyer Tracy Zubrod in charge of looking for ways that Rich Global can pay off its debts, including the royalties owed to Learning Annex. In August , she sued Mr. Kiyosaki and several of his companieslitigation that has unfolded under seal. Kiyosaki and his companies, but none of the court documentsnot even the complaint or the docket captionsare available for public viewing. Belcher in documents filed in U. Bankruptcy Court in Cheyenne, Wyo. There exists a longstanding, strong presumption that documents filed in court should be open and accessible to the public.

His poor dad was an academic man with a PhD. His rich dad dropped out of the eighth grade. As an impressionable 9 year old boy he sought the secrets of the rich. Both his fathers had extreme differences in opinions. The book takes you through the lessons he learned from each dad.

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  1. April marks 20 years since Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad first made waves in the Personal Finance arena. It has since become the #1 Personal.

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