Captain richards needs lie detector

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captain richards needs lie detector

David Howard’s review of Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA

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Published 18.05.2019

FaZe Clan - Lie Detector Test Challenge

Google "Captain Richards needs lie detector"

My goal is to make polygraph test results admissible as evidence in courts worldwide. Flag this petition for review. Abraham Christie would surely be amenable to a lie detector test. Go for the other angle. It might be more easily achieved. Did he threaten to bury one of the children in the desert? Call her a cunt?

Injustice goes global

The sudden rash of bankers expiring in mysterious ways has been well documented. Jim Willie revealed last week that we are seeing bankers removed who are on the verge of revealing big data details on FOREX bank fraud. I think most people are saying, yeah so what. Another corrupt banker will just replace the fallen Pin. Nothings really going to change, except the current fraud maybe sweeped under the carpet or concrete. People have got to stop giving their game away. Bloomberg and other mainstream media are reporting that Ryan Crane died in his home, and it will be six weeks before toxicology reports indicate the cause of death.

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  1. Google "Captain Richards needs lie detector": Google "Ricky Dearman polygraph test" https://comm: FBI polygraphers know that undetectable deception is.

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