Trans siberian railway google maps

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trans siberian railway google maps

Books by K.P. Poornachandra Tejaswi (Author of ಕರ್ವಾಲೊ | Karvalo)

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Trans-Siberian by Private Train

Trans-Siberian Railway Map. Trans-Siberian Railway Map. 37, views. Made with Google My Maps. Trans-Siberian Railway Map. Terms. 1, km.
K.P. Poornachandra Tejaswi

Moscow - Vladivostok trains

Traveling on the Trans Siberian Railway has always appealed to me, but it's difficult finding a spare eight days to ride the 9,km long journey. The website takes the viewer on a journey from the starter point of Moscow to the final station of Vladivostok, using multiple YouTube videos of a camera aimed out a window. You can choose to listen to just the rumble of the wheels, or Russian radio—even a reading of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. In Russian, of course. The journey is tracked on Google Maps, with key details being pointed out, such as how far you've traveled and how much longer there is to go. If you want to skip ahead to the scenic mountains of Barguzin for example, you're more than welcome to—and don't need to pay for a fare.

The Trans-Siberian in numbers

THIRD CLASS TRAIN TOUR - Trans-Siberian Day 6

Covering 5, miles, crossing seven time zones, 12 regions and passing through 87 towns and cities is a feat for anyone. But now all you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection to experience the Trans-Siberian tour of Russia. The Google Maps project allows you to embark on the hour virtual journey beginning in Moscow at the Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal and ending in Vladivostok, a port on the Pacific Ocean. The amazing train window footage that unfolds from Google Russia was created in partnership with Russian Railways. There are no short cuts here — you get the full six-day journey, and all to the soundtrack of your choice. You can choose from the rumble of wheels, cutesy Russian pop on the radio, or the authentic sound of the balalaika — the characteristically triangular, stringed instrument. Google Russia decided to bring the journey to people who have always been interested in making the voyage, but never got round to booking it.

Routes not trains, note; there's no such thing as the "Trans-Siberian Express". There are three principal routes, with multiple train services along them:. These routes are served by direct end-to-end trains, with those to Vladivostok at least daily and those to China once or twice a week. Several trains ply shorter sections, so you may not need to stay overnight to continue in the same direction. Like a meandering river the Trans-sib has changed its course over time so there are various parallel routes. Across European Russia the classic route is via Nizhny-Novgorod but other lines loop north via Yaroslavl or south via Kazan. The Trans-sib used to run via Petropavl but that is now in independent Kazakhstan: the route has therefore been diverted north but trains to Astana still go the old way.

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