Kate millett la politique du mâle

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kate millett la politique du mâle

Editions of Sexual Politics by Kate Millett

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Published 16.05.2019

Women Pitched against Power Structures and Male Prejudices: Kate Millet, Juliet Mitchell (ENG)

8 Kate Millett Quotes That Prove 'Sexual Politics' And Her Other Works Are Still Relevant Today

In it, Millett sought to establish the political aspects of sex and to show how patriarchy is a political institution. Furthermore, in seeking to illuminate the inherent misogyny of the literary tradition, she singled out four authors for particular condemnation. One of these was D. But not all. This will lead to the suggestion that Lawrence and Millett have far more in common than is generally recognised. Indeed, in some respects, it could even be suggested that they were fighting on the same side.

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Millett argues that "sex has a frequently neglected political aspect" and goes on to discuss the role that patriarchy plays in sexual relations, looking especially at the works of D. Lawrence , Henry Miller , and Norman Mailer. Millett argues that these authors view and discuss sex in a patriarchal and sexist way. In contrast, she applauds the more nuanced gender politics of homosexual writer Jean Genet. Sexual Politics was largely influenced by Simone De Beauvoir 's book The Second Sex , although De Beauvoir's text is known for being more intellectually-focused and less emotionally invigorating than Millett's text.

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