Short story in assamese language

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short story in assamese language

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Published 16.05.2019

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Assamese short story book released

Nirupama Bargohain Nirupama Borgohain is a prolific writer, and has published more than fifty collection of fiction and personal essays. O n the suitcase bought by Ramen there was hanging a blank card for writing the name and address. But once you cross the border of West Bengal, your Assamese language would be like Latin or Greek to the other Indians. However, while in Assam he always used Assamese. In his notebooks his address was in Assamese, on his books and periodicals it was in Assamese, the addresses written on his letters to his friends and relatives were in Assamese — in short, except for unavoidable reasons Jatin Mazumdar never used any written language other than Assamese. But recently he was having to spend most of his days outside Assam.

This collection of twenty Assamese stories was translated into English in a four-day translation workshop in Guwahati under the aegis of the Sahitya Akademi and the direction of acclaimed writer and scholar Dr Hiren Gohain former Dean, Arts Faculty, Guwahati University and recipient of the Sahitya Akademi award for literary criticism in Assamese in in December, These stories, by authors ranging from pioneer Lakshminath Bezbarua to elder contemporary Harekrishna Deka, have been translated by a team of enterprising young translators. A thoughtful and analytical introduction on the background, themes and trends, has been contributed by Dr Hiren Gohin as the editor of this volume. Stories by such diverse writers as Kafta, Jorge Luis Borges and Marquez do not merely appear as interesting deviations from the relist mode, but as embodiments of quite different norms. Under these circumstances to a shift in sensibility or if you like, paradigm , mandating novel rules of construction.

The Romantic heritage of the poetic sensibility has been utilised by Mahim Bora to the full, though, thematically he is fully aware of the harsh realities of life. Here he depicts a number of moral lapses of a trivial nature, the growing indiscipline and laziness of the young generation, the lost moorings of the educated unemployed and a host of such themes. Padma Borkataky is a prolific writer of fiction. His attempt at writing short stories is short minded and casual. But, social critism of this sort is hardly conducive to the making of the story, for you may go on peeling layers upon layers of social illusions and like an absolutely peeled onion leave nothing at the core. His mastery over the Assamese language is commendable and he has a keen eye to observe the snug complacency and fleshy corruptions of the middle class upon which a healthy art of the future may find its moorings. It is healthy to note that he can depict the problems of the underdogs with passionate sympathy.

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Panentheistic — Ekasarana Dharma. Polytheistic — Shaktism. - Hello readers, today I have come up with a collection of Assamese short stories.


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