Marvel civil war trade paperback reading order

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marvel civil war trade paperback reading order

Civil War: The Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski


The Marvel universe has given us the most iconic superheroes out there, in my humble opinion (sorry DC fans). The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, Iron Man, the X-men, and Daredevil are just a few who fit into that category. However, I doubt that anyone can argue with the fact that at the head of the pack is every ones favorite wall-crawler. There is a reason for that. Hes the best.


Anyone who is a fan of Peter Parker (not talking about the fans of just the movies here) needs to be sure to read this one. Civil war: the Amazing Spider-man, shows both sides of the fence in probably one of the best story lines in recent Marvel history (again, in my opinion). It shows how quickly the black and white lines of right and wrong blur into grey. And what do you do when your heart tells you youre on the wrong side of those lines?
Great art, even better story. Dont miss this one!

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Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Run/Reading Order (Infinity, Secret Wars & More)

Marvel Comics Timeline: Civil War – Secret Invasion

Get ready, Carol Corps! With Captain Marvel coming to the big screen , now is the perfect time to read up on her many adventures as an ace fighter pilot, head of NASA security, Avenger, and more. Carol Danvers has had several different monikers and spent many years without a book of her own, so it can be hard to figure out where to start. But if you want to get to know Carol Danvers and dive deeper into her past, these are her greatest hits. Marvel has a tendency to restart again with new issue 1s with great frequency, which means that Carol has had about a half dozen issue 1s since , all of which can be quite confusing for fans.

Check out the the official issue-by-issue reading order below compared to House of M. Just a bit more… expansive. Certainly makes for some interesting reading with the help of a good guide to navigate the continuity, of course. As always, hope you enjoy! Comic Book Herald is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a qualifying affiliate commission.

The complete reading order guide to Marvel's Civil War. Issue by issue and trade collection orders, keeping comic continuity in tact.
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Ms. Marvel – 1977-1979

The storyline builds upon the events that developed in previous Marvel storylines, particularly " Avengers Disassembled ", " House of M ", and "Decimation". The plot of the series follows a framework story line in which the U. However, superheroes opposed to the act, led by Captain America , find themselves in conflict with those supporting the act, led by Iron Man , with Spider-Man caught in the middle; the X-Men take a neutral stance. Marvel, become increasingly authoritarian. The conflict between freedom and security is an underlying theme in the story line, with real-life events and discussions, such as the U.

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