Should i wait for him to get his life together

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should i wait for him to get his life together

Life Together Quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Published 13.05.2019

Should I Wait For Him - The Expert Secret To Wait For Him or Move On!

When you're dating a guy who's still working on getting his act together, small problem: he's still trying to get his act together, metaporically speaking, in life. You could have the ideal career, be more than comfortable financially, and full of .

He wants to get his life together before getting into a relationship?

Eleven8 November 8, Uncategorized Leave a comment. Everyone has dreams. Some people desire to finish college and pursue a career, some desire to become an actor or actress, others choose music. What do you do when the person you are dating has desire but never really does anything with it? How long do you stay before you give up on him? Would you stick with him and hope that he gets his act together?

The big problem with ASKING HIM if you should wait for him is…

Sign up or log in to share. Most of the best dating happens in flux. There seems to be a lot of articles on the web about dating people who have thier life under control. Two points: First, there is no such thing as having your life together and second, women are looking for a challenge. Let me address the first point from a personal perspective. I am a man with a good job, I drive a late model pickup I live in a small mountain town I am have above average looks, am physically fit, have my own place, my bills are paid on time and I have a savings account.

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