Describe a turning point in your life

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describe a turning point in your life

Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The inspiring sequel to Wings of Fire. Over 3 lakh copies sold. It was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai. As I was returning to my room in the evening, the vice-chancellor, Prof. A. Kalanidhi, fell in step with me. Someone had been frantically trying to get in touch with me through the day, he said. Indeed, the phone was ringing when I entered the room. When I answered, a voice at the other end said, The prime minister wants to talk with you. Some months earlier, I had left my post as Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India to return to teaching. Now, as I spoke to the PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, my life was set for an unexpected change. Turning Points takes up the incredible Kalam story from where Wings of Fire left off. It brings together details from his career and presidency that are not generally known as he speaks out for the first time on certain points of controversy. It is a continuing saga, above all, of a journey - individual and collective - that will take India to 2020 and beyond as a developed nation.
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Disclaimer before we get started (so as to not tick off any salty snowflakes who can't take my jokes or points); The following life story has been rated M for Mind.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The Turning Point in My Life Essay

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The idea of turning points in our lives is a powerful one. It's the idea that at a certain point, a big event happens that changes your life irrevocably. There are even mental health organizations with Turning Point in their name that consider a "turning point" as what's needed to overcome an addiction or mental illness, such as Turning Point in New Jersey , which offers "Compassionate Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Dependency. Yet do all "turning points" necessarily result in completely life altering changes? Or might many experiences viewed as turning points merely be another path to the same place in life. In other words, if you have a strong goal, maybe turning points are really alternate routes along the way rather than being the only life-changing event to get you there. I began thinking about turning points when someone at a business networking meeting asked me how I happened to move to San Francisco from Oakland, and I explained how I had to move somewhere after I got caught up in the mortgage meltdown.

Those turning points are: my high school graduation, moving to Jacksonville to attend school, and the move back home a year later.
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The First Turning Point of my Life

It is based on my observations and my interactions during my assignment one and from assignment two, the readings and lectures this research will describe the most important issues this life span is facing. These issues are evidence based from interactions, observations, and readings. I have, had interaction with this life span segment and reviewed literature in preparation of this paper. Reflection of this research. I am also interested in personality types. There are several different personality traits and often at times something happens in life that is the key turning point that could possibly shift to a different personality than before.

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