I have a shit life

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i have a shit life

Shit Quotes (150 quotes)

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Published 10.05.2019

My Life Sucks...

5 things you have to do if your life turns to shit

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "shit" Showing of Do what you have to do, for you. Shit happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people.

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Nervousness, anxiety, depression, procrastination, worry, anger, all of these things, can be wiped out with a little bit of awarenes s. But it is ONLY when you believe they are bad - when you wish they weren't there - when you have attached to them, that you are the puppet.

B ritain and America are in the midst of a barely reported public health crisis. They are experiencing not merely a slowdown in life expectancy , which in many other rich countries is continuing to lengthen , but the start of an alarming increase in death rates across all our populations, men and women alike. We are needlessly allowing our people to die early. In Britain, life expectancy, which increased steadily for a century, slowed dramatically between and Now, death rates among older people have so much increased over the last two years — with expectations that this will continue — that two major insurance companies, Aviva and Legal and General , are releasing hundreds of millions of pounds they had been holding as reserves to pay annuities to pay to shareholders instead. Society, once again, affecting the citadels of high finance. Trends in the US are more serious and foretell what is likely to happen in Britain without an urgent change in course.

I was an alcoholic working at T-Mobile with zero prospects and nothing promising going on in my life. I was 27 years old, and I was a fucking loser. Just five years later, I am sober, a military veteran, a college graduate, and an author. Fixing your life is difficult, painful, and requires that you make some radical changes in how you spend your time and energy. You know that your life is fucked up when you repeatedly find yourself in the same stupid ass situations. The third time, you need to address the underlying issues. To outsiders, it was obvious that I had some serious problems that I needed to address.

There are a few simple things I wish I had taken care of before my life went sideways — like a will, life insurance, and some details jotted down. One of the stunning and glorious summer days in Seattle that make living through all the winter rain and gray feel worth it. He was set on going for a quick training ride before his last bike race of the season. I wanted him to go to a dinner party with me and our 5-year old instead. Our last moment together, he was being goofy and adorable, wanting me to kiss him before he left. I refused, twice. We had been bickering about the usual two-working-parents-young-child-no-time type issue.

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