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gambling with the good life

Gambling Quotes (138 quotes)

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Published 09.05.2019

Capitol Conversations: Pat Loontjer -- Gambling with the Good Life

“We're going to have gambling addicts, but I don't think the state should Gambling with the Good Life filed an Amicus brief in Nebraska's case that.

Gambling with the Good Life Fights back after Casino Petitions Circulate

This has been a really rough summer. After coming off of our 23rd year of no expanded gambling in Nebraska, I was looking forward to a rest before the next Legislative session in January. That was not to be! Our first blow came in May when the U. Legislation has to be passed first but we expect it will be a main topic when the Legislature reconvenes in January. Next on the list of bad news began in November A three member bureaucracy in D.

From the Desk of Dr. Ernie Goss, Economist, Creighton University. Do Casinos Reduce Taxpayer Burdens? Eleven of the 24 casino states devoted casino tax collections to education spending, while the remaining 13 states dedicated the taxes to a wide array of state and local spending projects. Table 1 shows how casino states differed from non-casino states in terms of spending, taxes, and economic performance. Did these tax collections result in any meaningful tax relief, or instead fuel an increase in state and local government spending? Moreover, casino states expended more on education as a share of GDP than non-casino states.

Supreme Court ruled it is up to individual states to decide whether or not to allow sports betting. Pat Loontjer is the founder of Gambling with the Good Life and she will continue the fight any form of expanded gambling. Nebraska is running a budget deficit and lawmakers are always look for ways to fill that. Loontjer says she will be monitoring the Unicameral for any proposal to expand gambling in the state and will be ready to take the issue on if it comes up. That's why the need for inspiring Ag teachers is so keen.

The Salvation of the State is the Watchfulness of its Citizens

DayZ 1.02 - Gambling with a life....

Rolling the dice, the group "Gambling with the Good Life" says that's what we would be doing to the future of Nebraska if we allow casinos here in the state. Thursday the group announced they will be combating three petitions that are circulating Nebraska which would allow the people to vote whether or not they want casinos. Gambling with the Good Life, Pat Loontjer. Though this was the gambling with the good life's news conference, they were not alone proponents for the petition, a group called "keep the Money in Nebraska" also attended. The outlined petitions would amend the Nebraska Constitutions to allow games of chance and change state statute to provide taxation on these casinos, and appoint a gambling commission.

GWGL encompasses a coalition of individuals, businesses, political leaders, media and religious groups in their efforts to stand up against the predatory gambling industry. Gambling cannibalizes local economies, costing jobs and economic growth. Gambling corrupts government decision-making, claiming big revenues while ignoring bigger costs. Ray Absher — Grand Island. Lauren Ekdahl — Scottsbluff.


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