How to keep a customer for life

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how to keep a customer for life

How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life by Michael LeBoeuf

A powerhouse, a classic.--James B. Patterson*, bestselling novelist and former Chairman and Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson, U.S.A., Inc.An invaluable, easy-to-follow blueprint for winning, serving and keeping customers...This book is a must for any business. --Jere W. Thompson, President and CEO, The Southland Corporation

Michael LeBoeuf, one of the nations foremost business consultants, presents a hard-hitting, action-ready rewards-and-incentives program for creating a winning sales team. This classic no-nonsense guide is completely revised and updated for todays computer-driven world. It contains everything you need to know about successful selling and--most important of all--how to win customers for life.

Ive always believed that its a mistake to separate selling, managing and service from each other. How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life is an easy-to-follow guide for putting them together with great results. --Ed Flanagan, President, Sales Marketing Executives--Greater New York
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7 Strategies to Win Customers for Life

Then why do so many companies outsource or push off their most important asset customers to low-wage employees or overseas call centers? I recently went through the experience again as a frustrated customer in need of fast service related to a core part of my business. And reflecting on the process reminded me of four key points you must heed to keep your own customers happy — and loyal — over the long term. In my case as a customer, the problem had to do with website hosting. Since it was for my main business website, I wanted and needed instant, real-time response from my vendor. In a world where customers are "always on" with the internet, social media and handheld devices, you no longer have the luxury of a hour response time to customer service calls.

Customer retention is the key to brand longevity, customer loyalty, and steady profit growth over the lifetime of your business. It takes a solid business plan, a customer-centric marketing strategy, and the ability to transform mishaps into miracles to retain customers for life. Small businesses are having a hard time attracting customers and retaining them because competition is so fierce. Customers have more choices today when it comes to making a purchase. For example, if they are consuming content online, or consuming a steak in your restaurant, they practically have unlimited options for doing so. As a small business owner, you not only have to strategically position yourself in the marketplace with a strong Unique Selling Proposition; you have to get your products and services in front of the right customers at the right time. Ensure customer retention by applying these 7 secrets for every customer who supports your brand.

Interested in joining? By going where our customers work out, grab coffee and run errands, we integrate into their lifestyle rather than try to change their behavior. This strategy is a powerful acquisition model for us. Ask yourself how long you want to be in business. If the answer is 10, 20 or 30 years, act like it. Too many entrepreneurs live month to month. Everything they do is short term, and they never build a sustainable business practice.

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  1. In today’s fast-changing, competitive business environment, excellent customer service is essential for success. In fact, service may be the key to differentiating your business from the competition and the best way to retain customers. The following customer retention strategies.

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