How to minimalize your life

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how to minimalize your life

Minimize to Maximize: Minimize Your Stuff to Maximize Your Life by Annie Jean Brewer

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Published 08.05.2019

3 Tips to Reduce Clutter - Minimalism for Beginners

How to unplug from and minimize your possessions

There is a societal expectation that once you set out on your own, accumulation of stuff must commence to prove that you are entering adulthood. With each new job, promotion, hobby, or life-change there is a not so silent presumption that obtaining even more things is proof of your success. Your home fills up with junk, and then the bills come in. So, you work long, hard hours away from your ever-more cluttered home so you can manage a lifestyle you were told you want. But did you really want it?

Minimalism made simple. A step-by-step guide to minimizing your possessions, decluttering your home, and finding more focus in life.
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Geri McClymont is a minimalist. She has experienced great freedom and reduced stress by living a simple and minimalist lifestyle. Not only is it possible—it can be life changing! Minimizing and simplifying have given me the freedom to devote more time and energy to more meaningful pursuits, such as engaging in hobbies and activities I enjoy, and spending real time with friends and family. Added benefits have been reduced living expenses and a significant decrease in the overall level of stress in my life.

We like to keep it that way so we can spend more money and time on moments and memories rather than up-keeping possessions. Do you agree? I swear the stuff grows out of the walls. I discovered some interesting thought processes and feelings I went through to manage this gigantic cleansing and change. There will be so much going through your head as you declutter and detangle yourself from the stories of who you thought you were. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to move through the cleansing process of unplugging. Breathe into them.

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