The fart that almost ruined my life

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the fart that almost ruined my life

Molloy Quotes by Samuel Beckett

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Published 07.05.2019

A Mosquito Nearly Ended My Life

The Fart That DID Alter My Destiny

My theory is that since the best comedy often springs from tragedy, cynicism, sarcasm and misanthropy, those who excel in comedy usually come from a background comprised of those events and character defects. As a cartoonist, my comedy writing comes from a turbulent upbringing, a chronic illness and substance abuse. Those two dynamics translated well onto paper, creating a popular, humorous autobiographical comic book series about my life, which I gave the unfortunate, non-sequitur title The Fart Party. However, in real life, those opposing personality dynamics created the classic Janus Mask lifestyle often utilized by chronic alcoholics. The following are pages taken from three different sources: 1 A completed, yet unpublished book about my alcoholism, 2 sketchbook diaries I made while bottoming out, and 3 pages from The Infinite Wait and Other Stories , the first book I ever made while sober. While my career was expanding, despite my best efforts to sabotage it, my private life became so small, it almost solely took place in my square-foot Brooklyn studio, plus the block I walked to the liquor store.

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I guess the fart altered my destiny in more ways than one. The Fart that (Almost ) Altered My Destiny. Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However It's ruined. RUINED!” “So what if I dried myself off with it, I was all clean!.
change of scenery is good

The Most Poorly Timed Fart Ever: A True Story from My Life

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done., I've been bothered by bodily functions my whole life.

I can no longer keep up with the server costs needed to keep these sites up and running with a following the size of mine. Could you please donate a small amount to help me keep the content online, or better yet a monthly donation? You can learn more about all of it and donate here. Thank you. And today I have a tale to tell with no happy ending. So instead….

W hen I told my wife I was going to write a story about farts, she said that if I mentioned her name I was dead meat. Fact is, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone farts. The amount of gas and the volume at which a fart is expelled are another issue. My wife does fart and she farts loudly but, thank God, her farts are mostly odorless. This is not the case with mine. To understand the nuances of farting, or flatulence, I called upon Dr.

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  1. Like everything in life, farts have a time and place. However, I never realized that in the wrong time and place, flatulence had enough power to.

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