Turned into a girl by girlfriend

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turned into a girl by girlfriend

They Turned Me Into My Girlfriends Mom: by Lisa Change

They’re just two little words: “I wish…” But what happens when your wishes come true?

Aiden’s trapped. Somehow, against all the laws of nature, this cocky, 18-year old jock has had his gender magically swapped. Now Aiden the school boy is gone, and in his place is Natalie. Natalie, the glamorous 37-year old woman with supermodel looks and a handsome, rich husband. Natalie, the mom all the boys at school are secretly in love with.

Natalie, who just happens to be the mother of Aiden’s girlfriend.

Suddenly learning to deal with life as a grown up is hard enough. But learning to deal with life as an elegant older woman, while also being a mom to his former-girlfriend and a wife to her hunky daddy threatens to drive Aiden into madness.

What’s that old expression again? Be careful what you wish for…

The latest transgender romance by Lisa Change – author of The School Boy Who Turned into a Girl – is a breathtaking tale of forbidden love, unexpected motherhood, and what happens when reality and fantasy collide. With 22k words of TG romance, featuring MTF gender transformation, taboo love, feminization, cross dressing, sexual orientation reversal, and bisexual encounters, this book is a must for all fans of Lisa’s work.

Contains a FREE TG short story!
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TURNING MY BOYFRIEND INTO ME *he’s hotter then me*

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Lisa Change

How My Girlfriend turned me into her BFF

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. It appears that I am turning into my girlfriend. I've known this was happening for a while, but I didn't really admit it to myself until a few weeks ago. She and I were walking to get a coffee one morning when I realized we were in matching black hoodies and nearly identical square-framed glasses, both of which she began wearing before I did. I would have chalked it up as a coincidence, but then that word came out of my mouth, the one that she uses all the time. If that wasn't enough, I soon noticed that I've adopted at least one of her vowel sounds.

So How Come The “Friend Zone” Just Happens?

The dilemma I was a normal year-old heterosexual male student. Now I would willingly open my legs for a man who's 20 years older than me just to see the smile on his face A few months ago I let my best mate's girlfriend dress me up as a woman for a big party. His dad's boss, who had come as King Kong, kept trying to catch me on my own. Eventually, on the roof terrace, we enjoyed a silly, jokey pretend flirtation. He was really funny, and just as I was thinking how much I liked pretending to be a flimsy, willowy, helpless blonde to a big, attentive, black, furry gorilla, he said that he had dreamt about meeting 'somebody like me'.

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