Pacific northwest coast indian art

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pacific northwest coast indian art

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Northwest Coast art

Stretching miles from northern California to the Alaskan panhandle, the Pacific Northwest Coast was originally home to more than 70 distinct tribes, speaking languages from four different linguistic families Athabaskan, Penutian, Salish and Wakashan. Despite the great diversity of Northwestern Indian tribes, the artwork of the whole region has a distinctive style, due in part to the extensive coastal trading networks in place long before Europeans arrived. Sponsored Links Each Northwest Indian nation has its own characteristic designs, of course, and those familiar with native Pacific Northwest art can tell what tribe or even what village a piece came from at a glance. But Northwest Indian art forms have not only survived in art history books, they also remain as thriving, unbroken artistic traditions of the native people who first created them. Arts and crafts Northwest Indian artists are best known for include basketry including distinctive basket hats and capes , intricate woodcarving especially ceremonial masks and majestic totem poles , and weavings including the unusual Chilkat blankets. The bold, stylized designs of traditional Northwest Coast art also lend themselves well to newer art forms like painting or jewelry, and many Northwestern artists have used these media to bring their traditions to a wider audience.

Northwest Coast Indian , member of any of the Native American peoples inhabiting a narrow belt of Pacific coastland and offshore islands from the southern border of Alaska to northwestern California. Historically, the Northwest Coast people inhabited a narrow belt of North American Pacific coastland and offshore islands from the southern border of Alaska to northwestern California. Its eastern limits were the crest of the Coast Ranges from the north down to Puget Sound , the Cascades south to the Columbia River , and the coastal hills of what are now Oregon and northwestern California. These highly stratified societies also had three main divisions: chiefly elites, commoners, and slaves or war captives. The Native American peoples of the Northwest Coast had abundant and reliable supplies of salmon and other fish, sea mammals, shellfish, birds, and a variety of wild plant foods. Most groups built villages near waterways or the coast. The principal fishing sites were along rivers and streams in which salmon ran in the fall.

Native Art Collections

Northwest Coast art is the term commonly applied to a style of art created primarily by artists from Tlingit , Haida , Heiltsuk , Nuxalk , Tsimshian , Kwakwaka'wakw , Nuu-chah-nulth and other First Nations and Native American tribes of the Northwest Coast of North America, from pre-European-contact times up to the present. Two-dimensional Northwest Coast art is distinguished by the use of formlines , and the use of characteristic shapes referred to as ovoids , U forms and S forms. Before European contact, the most common media were wood often Western red cedar , stone, and copper; since European contact, paper, canvas, glass, and precious metals have also been used. If paint is used, the most common colours are red and black, but yellow is also often used, particularly among Kwakwaka'wakw artists. Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian have traditionally produced Chilkat woven regalia, from wool and yellow cedar bark, that is important for civic and ceremonial events, including potlatches.

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  1. The distinctive artistic tradition of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest has shown a continuing vitality despite the generally devastating effect of the coming of the Europeans upon their culture.

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