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alt wesley crusher die die die

Chris (Osaka, Japan)’s review of Memories of the Future - Volume 1

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Wesley Dies

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Wheaton has long been one of geekdom's favorite whipping boys, taking unending abuse for his role as Wesley Crusher, the whiny, know-it-all teenager on TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation. But now, thanks to a self-coded, shamelessly dorky website, many of the same folks who loathed Wheaton on the show are finding out he's a whole lot like them in real life. As many as 90, people per month have beaten a path to WilWheaton.
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I KNOW!!! Why would you do that to yourself? Perhaps the smartest. FOCUS on these aspects of your life, man! Go do a wicked science fair project that creates an artificial singularity or whatever. That sounds like a fun Saturday night, right?

The article's a comprehensive biography of the fictional character, but it lacks any real-life information. I came here in search of any mention of the Usenet newsgroup alt. Hi, I recently removed I have to think that the fact there were so many Wesley haters was notable. People 20 years from now seeing the show for the first time would want to know what the public's recation was the first time they saw the show. I guess we just need a good citation for the existence of a significant number of "Wesley Haters"

Wesley Crusher is a character in the fictional Star Trek franchise. He was a regular character in the first four seasons of the series and appeared sporadically in the next three seasons. Crusher's father was killed while under Picard's command, with Picard delivering the message to Wesley and to his mother, Beverly. Picard initially found Wesley irritating, as he is often uncomfortable around all children, a fact which he discloses to his first officer, Commander William Riker , in the pilot episode " Encounter at Farpoint ". In early episodes of the series, Picard does not allow Wesley on the bridge of the ship. However, during the first season, Picard comes to realize that he understands many things beyond his age and has inherited his mother's high level of intelligence, and grants him more opportunities on board the ship.

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