Does dantdm have a son

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does dantdm have a son

DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal by The Diamond Minecart

From the mind of one of the most popular YouTubers of all time, DanTDM, comes a graphic novel adventure that reimagines the Minecraft-style worlds and characters hes created like youve never seen them before.

After a day of experiments, Trayaurus and DanTDM are about to call it a night when a strange-looking crystal plummets to earth, breaking into five pieces that scatter far and wide. DanTDM and Trayaurus recover one of the shards and quickly realise they are in possession of an object more powerful than anything theyve ever known.

Word reaches DanTDM and Trayaurus that other pieces of crystal have been recovered - a group of pigs have harnessed the crystals power to enable them to talk. But theyre not alone - their archenemy Denton has also found a shard and manipulated its power for evil. He has created a cloning machine, producing a terrifying, marauding army intent on hunting down the remaining crystals in his effort to become all-powerful.

Its down to DanTDM and Trayaurus to stop him. Will they prevail, or will the forces of evil be too great for them to overcome?

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What children learn from PewDiePie, Stampy and DanTDM

In July , his channel was listed as one of the most popular channels in the world by viewership, gaining nearly million views in that month alone. Dan has earned several Kids Choice awards as well as set Guinness World Records for his gaming and his dedication to the best-selling video game, Minecraft. Dan was born in Aldershot, England, as the older of two siblings. His parents divorced when he was just a child. He attended The University of Northampton and started a channel in dedicated to the popular Pokemon franchise which was called " PokemanDanLv45 ".

His online video channels have covered many video games, mainly the popular game Minecraft. His channel has been listed among the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. Middleton was born on 8 November in Aldershot , England , as the elder of two siblings. In , Middleton created The Diamond Minecart , a gaming channel whose audience consists of mostly children ages 5— He released a graphic novel called Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal on 6 October Trayaurus, evil lab boss Denton and sidekick Fin.

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Video: PewDiePie. DanTDM, like most YouTubers, seems to communicate chiefly in sentences completed by exclamation marks! But millions of people, mostly children and young teenagers, love to do just that. In response, YouTube cancelled plans for a second series of his reality series and removed him from its Google Preferred program, though his videos are still on YouTube. There is no simple solution to this problem, as the internet is currently not a suitable environment for children. Even before the latest controversy, I had concerns about my children watching unfiltered content produced by young, almost universally male, gamers in their bedrooms.

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