How to organize outgrown baby clothes

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how to organize outgrown baby clothes

Release the Clutter and Keep the Memories: A guide to gracefully part with outgrown baby clothes and free your space and your mind by Louma El-Khoury Salloum

If you’re still keeping all or most of your childrens baby clothes after your kids have outgrown them, this mini book is for you. It’s a five-day program which you can follow it at your own pace, and it will serve as a gentle guide to help you part with these little sentimental clothes, without losing the memories they hold.
Here’s what will happen after you go through this program: You will discover the obstacle that’s keeping you attached to the clothes you don’t need for your own children anymore, and you will learn how you can get over it. You will have a new mindset and a fresh perspective that’s about living with intention and looking ahead. You will learn an effective method to organize and let go of the baby clothes you don’t have a use for in your home, while still keeping all the memories and the most precious items as treasures and everlasting keepsakes. At the end of the program, you will have cleared some space in your home and in your mind and you will feel great about donating most of these clothes to families who actually need them.
Take the first step to freeing your space and your mind.
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ORGANISING BABY CLOTHES - What to do when they no longer fit! - VLOG

How to organize and store outgrown baby clothes [+ free printable labels]

My sister-in-law, Liz , was over at our house the other day and we were talking about rotating and storing kids clothing. How do you decide what to keep for a younger sibling and what to give away? And what about sentimental items? And how often do you need to go through this whole process? Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone out there struggling with organizing kid clothes and closets. The first part is Scheduling. I approach this two different ways.


How To Organize And Store Outgrown Baby Clothes

The time when clothes from last season are replaced with clothes for the upcoming season. It always seems like an overwhelming amount of work. But now that I finally have a good system in place, things speed along much more smoothly. And for that I am grateful. In just a few months, my husband and I are going to have our fourth little one! While these are fairly worn clothes, they still have lots of life left in them for a new one. Here is my tried and true, works-for-me method :.

What is the best way to organize and store outgrown baby clothes? I recently asked myself the question about storing old baby clothes as I was putting away the clothes that no longer fit my daughter. Although she is only fourteen months old, my daughter already wears 24 month and 2T sizes. I therefore needed to move the smaller clothing out of her dresser and closet to make room for the clothes that fit her now. If Poppy were for certain the last child that my husband and I would have, I would have tossed most of the outgrown baby clothes into a bag, keeping only the special outfits, and donated the lot to a thrift store.

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  1. So now that you have a sense of how I'm organizing and storing outgrown baby clothes, I have some tips for you to follow in your own house!.

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