How to survive in the wild

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how to survive in the wild

Bushcraft Skills and How to Survive in the Wild: A Step-By-Step Practical Guide by Anthonio Akkermans

Born in the Netherlands, Anthonio studied wilderness skills from childhood. Still a youngster himself, Anthonio established a youth-group which allowed children and teenagers to come out into the woods and learn earth-living skills once a week. This youth-group gradually evolved into a school called Wild-Live, based in the United Kingdom.

From the early days, he traveled regularly to a number of states in the USA, Yukon territories, Israel and Turkey where he learnt more native skills while teaching what he already knew. He still enjoys traveling and regularly teaches primitive skills in the most unique environments.

An active writer of articles for various publications, he is currently working on a new book Complete Survival Shelters Handbook, due to be released this Autumn.

When not teaching or writing, Anthonio has other commitments. He teaches teenagers through various local charities and shares skills in the archaeology department at Queens University Belfast and other primitive skill expositions about how our ancestors lived their lives through demonstrations and lectures. He reproduces a huge array of artifacts for various museums, universities and television companies. On various occasions he has worked as consultant on television and radio programs. He enjoys learning new skills on travels locally and in different terrains around the world.
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20 Wilderness Survival Tips!

Oliver Pelling went on a survival course deep in the Australian bush—and technically died twice. Janna is swearing at me. I have led us into the mouth of Peril itself, and Peril is hungry.
Anthonio Akkermans

Top 10 Outdoor Survival Tips

During my year with the Anake Outdoor School I spent a week sleeping under the hallowed root ball of a big spruce tree in the woods, drinking rainwater out of holes I had dug in the ground lined with leaves. My training includes such activities as primitive fire, shelter-making and working with stone tools. Genuine survival training is a brutal way to push your limits, and build proficiency with the whole gamut of basic life preserving skills. Actually a big part of your survival training is simply having the experience of being incredibly uncomfortable, hungry, cold, and tired. Because it will make you stronger. It will bring you closer to nature. There are some situations where the only thing that can save you is a 5 minute fire.

1. Survival Shelters & Staying Warm

Bring appropriate clothing for any possible situation. Steven Dessinger has almost 30 years of wilderness instruction experience. Ralston hadn't told anyone where he was going, or that he was going anywhere at all, so it took much longer for people to realize he was missing and know where to look. Think about the changing environments you might encounter as you travel and be prepared. Just because the sky is clear when you leave first thing in the morning doesn't mean you can't get caught in high winds or rough weather later in the day. Just as it's necessary to know how to use a knife before you really need to know how to use one, it's necessary to gain experience with braving the elements in a safe way.

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