How to make a secret language

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how to make a secret language

The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action Through Narrative by Stephen Denning

The book introduces the concept of narrative intelligence--an ability to understand and act and react agilely in the quicksilver world of interacting narratives. It shows why this is key to the central task of leadership, what its dimensions are, and how you can measure it. The books lucid explanations, vivid examples and practical tips are essential reading for CEOs, managers, change agents, marketers, salespersons, brand managers, politicians, teachers, parents--anyone who is setting out to the change the world.
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How to speak Gibberish [Secret Language]

Show less Imagine the possibilities when you have a secret language known to only you and a few select friends. You can pass notes to each other that are incomprehensible to anyone who might intercept them, or you can talk to each other without others knowing what you're saying.
Stephen Denning

Create YOUR Own Secret Language

By lamp , July 14, in The Lounge. I'd like to create my own secret language for making notes, similar to how Davinci used to write in mirror handwriting. In this sense I'd like to ask you are there any known and easy ways to do just that? Writing in mirror writing is a bit too much of a hassle to me and people still can read it it just takes longer. I thought of the idea of simply switching the alphabet with my own letters. The code was on first alphabet in all chapters title of book!

Sometimes our information important. So important that we have to encode it to keep it away from criminals. What better way to encode information than to make our own encoder with Python? In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of cryptography in hopes to make a "gibberish" language. At the beginning of every Python script, we have to initialize the modules we must use, and also tell the user what to do.

Most secret languages are not true languages at all, but cyphers. A cypher keeps the word order and structure of the original language, but either replaces the words with new ones, or changes them by some transformational rule. Such a language may not fool serious code-breakers, but it will stop people not in on the secret from understanding what you are saying.
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Are there hidden messages in your emails? Yes, and in everything you write or say, according to James Pennebaker, chair of the department of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Pennebaker has been a leader in the computer analysis of texts for their psychological content. He spoke recently with Mind Matters editor Gareth Cook. Until recently, I never thought about parts of speech. However, about ten years ago I stumbled on some findings that caught my attention. In the s, my students and I discovered that if people were asked to write about emotional upheavals, their physical health improved.

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