How to get review privileges back on amazon

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how to get review privileges back on amazon


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Published 23.04.2019

How to Get REVIEWS on Amazon 2019 - Without Getting SUSPENDED!

Help! My Amazon Reviews have Disappeared! Now What?

Amazon seems to have had enough with a recent trend of fake and incentivized reviews, and many sellers are left to wonder if they will have their Amazon seller account suspended. Amazon seems totally determined to make sure consumers can trust the reviews posted on their marketplace. Multiple Amazon sellers have reported receiving an email with a very stern warning:. You are receiving this email because products you sell have received incentivize reviews in the past. If you attempt to acquire incentivize reviews going forward, your Amazon privileges will be suspended or terminated. We consider a review to be incentivized if you have influenced or can influence the review directly or indirectly, including by monitoring whether a review is written and providing or withholding any benefit based on whether a review is written or the content of the review. Below are a few examples where a review is considered incentivize and is not permitted:.

March 19, by Penny Sansevieri 25 Comments. As we all know, as an author, you work hard to get reviews. You spend hours contacting bloggers, social media followers, friends, even neighbors, asking them to review your book. You also know how frustrating it is to pull up Amazon and see your reviews have been yanked. Has this happened to you? After hearing several author complaints about yanked reviews, I decided to find out how did this happens. And what you can do about it.

Is there a way for me to get back my review priviledges ever? When it comes to loss of community privileges for reviews I have never heard of.
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Feb 16, AM. Hi fellow authors, just wanted to let you know what happened to me. I was trying to leave reviews for product purchases a few months ago, and every time I did Amazon gave me the message that I had violated the community guidelines and could not leave a review. After contacting them, I found out that my privileges to leave reviews had been revoked, as review swaps are against community guidelines. I had no idea about this, otherwise I wouldn't have participated in the review swaps. I think this policy is ridiculous, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it.

Feb 15, AM. I haven't been able to leave reviews for a while, and I just now found out why. Apparently it's against their community guidelines to do review swaps!! Now they have revoked my ability to write reviews!! It won't even let me leave comments for my reviewers from Author Central! What do I do? The email I received from them says that the decision is final!

Amazon Contacted me and said I had broken the Community Guidelines regarding reviews. As the exclusive wholesaler for a new brand on Amazon, I was giving a thumbs up to reviews left for the new products I was selling. I was using Customer Feedback to create new bundles, etc, based on Customer needs and requests. By giving them a thumbs up, I was simply thanking them for taking the time to leave feedback. However, when I try, it says I am prohibited for participating due to the previous Community Violation.

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