How to insult a guy over text

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how to insult a guy over text

Insults Quotes (254 quotes)

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Published 23.04.2019

7 'polite' British insult idioms - Politely call someone a total idiot!

Twitter had absolutely zero chill about the fact that no one can text middle fingers to haters, lovers, family and friends.

22 Insults We Should Bring Back

Top definition. A short version of "okay" 2. A very rude , hateful way to agree or acknowledge. A: Wow, you really hurt my feelings B: k A I'm gonna go now

Everyone knows a primo insult or two, even if your personal rules of decorum prohibit their usage. But, if you think about it, there aren't many new insults or swear words, for that matter. The ones you heard from that guy in middle school are pretty much the same ones you hear now. Let's hop in the time machine and head back a couple of hundred years. You scobberlotcher!

Don't lose your cool. Internet trolls use them to get us riled up. Competitors use them to get us off our game. Sometimes, even those we care about may use them when they feel slighted or threatened. Of course, we shouldn't discount all critical feedback. But insults are designed to hurt, not help. So how should you respond when someone insults you?

You'd think this term would mean you were kind of cool, right?
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1. Rakefire

I'm a fuckboy magnet. What can I say? I attract the worst types of people. As a girl, my online dating profiles get a lot of traffic. I can't really complain about the quantity of matches or messages I receive even though 90 percent of them are just "heyyy wut up?


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  1. Steve Stewart-Williams and colleagues asked men average age 29 years to report how many times in the last month they had insulted their partner using one or more examples from a list of 47 insults, arranged into 4 categories: physical insults, insults about personal value or mental capacity e.

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