How to have a well behaved child

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how to have a well behaved child

The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline That Really Works! by John Rosemond

A parenting workshop in a book!

The biggest frustration felt by todays parents is in the area of discipline. Family psychologist, best-selling author, and parenting expert John Rosemond uses his thirty-six years of professional experience working with families to develop the quintessential how to book for parents. Rosemonds step-by-step program, based on biblical principles, traditional parenting approaches, and common sense, covers a wide range of discipline problems applicable to children from toddler to teen.

Sections include:

Essential Discipline Principles Essential Discipline Tools Perplexing Problems and Simple Solutions Not Your Everyday Problems General Questions and Answers (Troubleshooting)
Filled with real-life examples that anyone whos ever been around children can relate to, this book is sure to be one of the most valuable, helpful resources parents have ever stumbled across.
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6 Ways to Raise a Well-Behaved Child

As a parent, I believe one of the greatest compliments you can receive is to hear that you have well-behaved children. Consistency puts action behind your words; it shows your kids that you do mean what you say. Determine what your expectations for your kids are on everything from how they perform at school to curfews, household chores and even things like using profanity and what their bedtime is during the school year. Be specific and then make the consequences equally as clear. When you are precise with your expectations you are teaching your child that his behaviors, good and bad, will result in privileges and consequences. Are you able to keep your cool and grin and bear it, or do you fly off the handle and make a rude comment loudly under your breath to the elderly lady who pushed her way in front of you at the deli counter? Remember that you always have an audience when your kids are in your presence or within earshot of you!

Toddlers are at an age where they know and understand basic language but are still unable to communicate effectively. That often can lead to frustration and tantrums. In addition, children of this age 12 months to around 4 are mobile, curious, and determined to have their way. Knowing how to raise a well behaved toddler is a skill for which most parents strive in order to keep their child safe and happy, and to maintain a reasonable degree of calm in their own lives. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 51, times. Categories: Toddlers.

All kids have their moments, but knowing that you can count on your kid to behave can make your life much easier. Catch your child behaving well and reinforce their good behavior. Help them gain social skills by using good manners and not complaining or whining. Use consistent discipline and find opportunities to teach, not punish. Don't pile requests on top of one another. Ask the child to repeat back what you are requesting. Correct them if they did not hear correctly.

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Experts offer advice on the top 10 parenting pitfalls that will help you raise a well-behaved child -- instead of a brat. Children May Learn Bullying by Example. I get her everything she wants!

Parenting from your child's point of view means shifting your orientation, and seeing the world from a new perspective. Instead of understanding your child from a "top-down" adult position, think and look at the world as if you were their age and size. It's something I think about every day as the director of the Barnard Center for Toddler Development at Barnard College, where I have had the pleasure of working with children and their parents for nearly two decades. Having a toddler-centric view of the world is something I've come to develop over my years as an educator and as the parent of three boys. But it didn't necessarily come easily -- thinking like a toddler means seeing many things as new, fascinating, or scary; it means having no real sense of time, and an unending curiosity about life. It means not knowing why things happen or what came before.

We all want our children to be well-behaved. The problem, as any parent can attest, is that raising a well-behaved child is hard work. Some of it is temperament — every child is different. After more than 25 years of being both a pediatrician and a parent, here are four tips I think can make a big difference:. Start early. So as you start early, the idea is to help your young child understand good and bad ways of expressing those emotions. Be consistent.

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