How to find a better husband

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how to find a better husband

Good Husband, Great Marriage: Finding the Good the Man You Married by Robert Mark Alter

For men, and the women who love them, this is a highly controversial book on how to get - and be - a good husband. This book will appeal to the countless women who resent that their husbands never listen and that they have to nag in order to get them to do anything around the house; who feel like their husbands are always pawing at them to have sex; and who want more from their marriage. It will appeal to men who want to have more sex, less nagging, and wives who adore them. In short, GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is the book for everyone.
GOOD HUSBAND, GREAT MARRIAGE is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense guidebook for men and women to help them fix their marriages. Robert Alters central, controversial argument: the man is primarily responsible for the marital problems. Alter says to women: You are right to want what you want from him. He says to men: Stop thinking its your wifes fault, and transform yourself into the good husband you know you have in you. In 50 chapters, Alter describes the problem areas men face and what actions they can take to fix them. The chapters include: How to Know When Youre Being a Man as Opposed to When Youre Being an Asshole, How to Talk to Her, and Your Anger: Cut the Shit. Alters approach is straightforward and logical; he speaks to men in a language they understand. In addition, sections of the book will be geared for women where Alter will give advice to women on what they can do.
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3 IMPORTANT Things Your Wife NEEDS From You! - Marriage Advice

How to Be a Better Husband? (44 “Not to Miss” Expert Tips)

And the easiest way to sustain your collective happiness and guarantee that you float over the rockier terrains of matrimony is to take matters into your own hands and be better husband. It means simply being more present, being more thoughtful, and being more supportive about the little things in your daily life. Giving her a heartfelt hug, looking her in the eye, and asking how her day was, is far more important than you could imagine. D, LMHC. Guys who choose to hang out with large groups of other men are actually doing their spouses a favor, according to research from Germany.

So how does one become a better person in a relationship , and in turn, have a happy and healthy marriage? It seems like a no-brainer, but loyalty is extremely important. Communication is a must-have skill. Active Listening is a wonderful tool. This involves really listening to what your spouse is saying and summarizing it back before adding your own opinion or comment. It must be awful when your boss gives you a hard time!

Sure, the concept is great — find someone who makes you unbelievably happy and spend more time with them than anyone else for the rest of your lives — but that also sounds like what a child would come up with as a recipe for happiness. OK, the analogy got a little depressing! Is there anything more deadening to interest than uncuriousness? This one is hard. But know this: Sex is an important and necessary part of passion for most people, and sexual unhappiness and frustration leads to the end of a lot of relationships.

1. Listen to understand and support – not give advice or judge

In this article, we will discuss 25 tips and actions you can take that can improve your marriage. Some are geared more specifically toward you, the husband, while some really could be applied by both. Even if you are doing the effort alone, applying these tips and actions can make a difference in your marriage. Sometimes, when your wife is talking to you, all she wants you to do is listen. If our wives come to us with a problem, we want to help her solve it. Instead, just listen. Paraphrase what she says to make sure you understand what she is saying and so she knows you understand.

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