How to say blood in french

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how to say blood in french

In the Blood (Outlands Trilogy, #1) by Jackie French

She has been banished from the city to a remote area and a murdered girl lands on her doorstep …

Danielle has always been linked to others so when her links were cut and she was banished from the city it was a shock in more ways than one. She no longer had fast access to information, food, friends … anything. Now she will fend for herself and she is notorious for having been part of an experimental type of linking with 3 others. They are either dead or dead to Danielle anyway. Then, soon after moving in, an injured young girl turns up on her doorstep … the girl soon dies and Danielle cannot let go of the mystery of her death. With Neil, who lives in a neighbouring commune, she begins to make enquiries at places all over the countryside and starts suspecting that someone is making illegal modifications to humans … could it be that vampirism is becoming a trait in some humans from this illegal activity. And, if so, how far has it gone … can Danielle find the source before they are all dead.
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How to say 'blood pressure meter' in French?

Need to translate "blood" to French? Here are 3 ways to say it.
Jackie French

"royal blood" in French

Gay men in France were officially permitted to donate blood Monday after having been banned from doing so for 30 years. LGBT rights groups welcome the move, but many remain critical of the strict conditions of celibacy imposed on gay male donors. The move comes three years after the Socialist government pushed through a law legalising gay marriage. However, she said, the fact that this donor group will still have to abstain from sex with other males for a total of 12 months before they can donate is unfair — no restrictions of any kind are placed on the sexual practices of straight blood donors. For the donation of plasma, gay males are required to abstain from sex for four months.

French Translation of “blood” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over French translations of English words and phrases.
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