How to do jain pooja

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how to do jain pooja

Pooja Jain (Author of Love Therapy)

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Matra Bees Minute Mein Pooja Karen Mere Saath

Jain rituals

Jains perform worship before the Jina idols, bowing to the idols, and lighting a lamp in front of the idols. This is an ideal way to start the day for many Jains. More elaborate forms of worship puja , as described, is a regular daily ritual usually done in the temple. The simpler surroundings of the household shrine can also provide a suitable setting. They believe in meditation and silent prayers. Worship, or puja, can take many forms. The ritual bathing of the image Snatra Puja is symbolic to the bathing of the newborn Tirthankara by the gods celestial beings.

Jin Puja Process involved in entering to leaving Jain Mandir 1. What you read here is not the only way. Rites and rituals are small but important beginning steps towards the path of Moksha. The rites and rituals consist of Bhakti and Worship. Unlike the general concept of rites and rituals, Jains do not perform rites and rituals for worldly happiness, for a certain miracle or to please some divine power.

Navel: Padhamam Havai Mangala Mehta.
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Jain rituals play an everyday part in Jainism. Rituals take place daily or more often. Rituals include obligations followed by Jains and various forms of idol worships. Jains rituals can be separated broadly in two parts: Karya Obligations which are followed and Kriya Worships which are performed. These duties became fundamental ritual activities of a Jain householder. Such as spreading the grain for the birds in the morning, and filtering or boiling the water for the next few hours' use became ritual acts of charity and non-violence.


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  1. Godi Parshwanath Jain Tirth Akoli-Jalore · September 30, ·. NAV-ANGA PUJA (CHANDAN PUJA) This Pujä involves pujä of nine limbs with chandan.

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