Gloria anzaldua how to tame a wild tongue

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gloria anzaldua how to tame a wild tongue

How To Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria E. Anzaldúa

Read for Hispanic History Month.
Spanish is a language I grew up hearing, one I learned at university, and one I started to use with some proficiency while living among those who spoke primarily Spanish.

Important Note. Azaldua is (was) a generation older than me. The emotionally devasting No-Spanish rules at school were no longer in effect by the time I went to school. The teachers sometimes seemed to be uncomfortable yet tolerant. With the GI bill coming into effect after WWII, more people of ethnic and racial backgrounds received a college/university education, many becoming teachers. So language tolerance and language recognition of teachers/adminsitors both lead to relaxed language rules.

Anzaldua explains the various types of Spanish spoken in Texas. My type, a bare minimum Soanglish is left out. I feel left out. I sound silly to myself until I roam reminded by Anzaldua that language is a main way we--she says Mexican and I can at most hispanoamericana/Hispanic American--indentify ourselves. The Spanish language, in whatever variant, is our shared language. A language defines a culture. Big sociolinguistic idea. To whatever degree I feel comfortable or make myself speak or write Spanish, to that degree I feel my ethnicity. And like Anzaldua I insist and protect my (second) language.
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Video Critical Summary of Gloria Anzaldua's "How to Tame a Wild Tongue"

Summary and Analysis: “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua

Our notes cover How to Tame a Wild Tongue summary and analysis. Anzaldua begins her essay with the hidden comparison of the way she speaks with her accent. Anzaldua moves ahead maintaining that her accent or the way she speaks is a significant element of her identity. She regards accent as one of the sources of identity for people. This Chicano Spanish accent causes a lot of problems for her as she is not considered as the native speaker of both Spanish language and English Language. However, she considers herself socially isolated from either of the linguistic groups making her own language unique and appropriate for those people who, too, speak it. Anzaldua believes that the accent Chicano Spanish arose because of the people coming from diverse complex background desired to recognize themselves as a distinctive and unique group.

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Accessed 2 July Summary of Work This short story is more of a biopic than short story. She reflects on what it means to have a tamed tongue, and discusses her Chicana identity. She discusses how being Chicana means not being fully Mexican and not being fully American. She also takes time to discuss the differences in the dialects and languages she speaks. But many of the Chicanas she speaks to, she speaks to in English, especially in California, where they do not want to be recognized as Chicana by the dialect. They have a certain understanding that to be in America and to speak this Chicano language is to admit shame.

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Gloria Anzaldua is an American novelist, poet, essayist, and critic and she is considered to be a significant figure in modern Chicano literature. In her works, she presents her experience as a mestiza that means a woman who lives on the very border between different cultures and countries. It describes people who live on the border between the United States and Mexico and explains the political, socioeconomic, and spiritual influence of the European conquest of native peoples on the borderland. The book consists of two sections: in the first part, there are seven essays, and in the second part, there are several poems. So she was frustrated and started thinking about how to tame a wild tongue. Although the dentist did not mean her accent, her reaction proves that she has had problems with the way she speaks and that makes her stay conscious of what other people think of her when she speaks.

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