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proud to be loud dead green mummies

Death Warmed Over by Kevin J. Anderson

A darkly funny, wonderfully original detective tale.--Kelley Armstrong

Single Dead Detective Seeks Clue

Ever since the Big Uneasy unleashed vampires, werewolves, and other undead denizens on the world, its been hell being a detective--especially for zombie P.I. Dan Chambeaux. Taking on the creepiest of cases in the Unnatural Quarter with a human lawyer for a partner and a ghost for a girlfriend, Chambeaux redefines dead on arrival. But just because he was murdered doesnt mean hed leave his clients in the lurch. Besides, zombies are so good at lurching.

Now hes back from the dead and back in business--with a caseload thats downright unnatural. A resurrected mummy is suing the museum that put him on display. Two witches, victims of a curse gone terribly wrong, seek restitution from a publisher for not using spell check on its magical tomes. And hes got to figure out a very personal question--Who killed him?

For Dan Chambeaux, its all in a days work. (Still, does everybody have to call him Shamble?) Funny, fresh, and irresistible, this cadaverous caper puts the P.I. in R.I.P. . ..with a vengeance.

Wickedly funny, deviously twisted and enormously satisfying. This is a big juicy bite of zombie goodness. Two decaying thumbs up!--Jonathan Maberry

Anderson has become the literary equivalent of Quentin Tarantino in the fantasy adventure genre.--The Daily Rotation

An unpredictable walk on the weird side. Prepare to be entertained. --Charlaine Harris
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Pantera - Power Metal [1988] [REMASTERED !]

Power Metal

Those involved in the production of the site which include, but are not limited to, the site host and operator are in no way supporting online music-sharing, piracy, and other illegal activities. If you, visitor, chooses to do so, it is your responsibility, not ours, to handle any consequences that might result from your actions. Disclaimer: The site host and operator are not affiliated with the production of the movie and its soundtrack and do not intend to break copyright laws. These are the songs used in the film Donnie Darko , and are listed in the order they are heard in it. The links provided are anchored to the original album where the song can be found unless otherwise noted. If you want to check other albums that contain the song, well then, you'll have to research that on your own. The best way to get these songs might be to just purchase the soundtrack obviously.

Power Metal is the fourth studio album by heavy metal band Pantera , released in May through Metal Magic Records. The album showcases a more aggressive style which sounds, at times, closer to thrash metal particularly on "Down Below" and "Death Trap" rather than the glam metal style heard on the band's earlier albums; however, traces of glam are still clearly present, such as on "Hard Ride". Notably, Phil Anselmo makes his first appearance on vocals, having replaced original singer Terry Glaze. Pantera's version was used as the party song in the theatrical cut of the film Donnie Darko , credited to "The Dead Green Mummies". Having not been reissued since its original release on CD, vinyl and cassette, like their previous albums, official non-bootlegged editions of Power Metal have become collectors items, with any that exist often being circulated through online auction websites such as eBay. He went on to highlight Dimebag's guitar work, calling it "one of the more charming elements of the band's early sound" and that "he was obviously a very talented guitarist even then. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Login Register or use. Interviews News. Show more. Advertisement Advertise on MS. Quite the fun listen, sort of like a BTC band if it was more playful and folk metal-ish [ link ] - ozi Check out the instrumental project OzNor. Reviews Articles.

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  2. "Proud to Be Loud" Performed by The Dead Green Mummies -- this song is actually performed by the band Pantera. (The Dead Green Mummies do not exist. ).

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